Zombie Game Trailer Is An Elegant Tearjerker

The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled - is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year? Normally we don't post about video games, unless someone is ruining our favorite game by turning it into a horrible movie. However, this trailer for Techland's Dead Island is surprisingly cinematic. It definitely stands out from the bloody, mindless horde of zombie games looking to scoop out your braaaaains... (and the cash from your wallet.) The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled - is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year? Damn it, that was kind of a bummer, though. Why weren't there any badass plants around to help that poor family? Video games have taught me that plants are the natural enemy of zombies, so if I were running Dead Island, I'd get some emergency gardeners in there pronto. The game's official release date has not yet been announced. (Moviefone)

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This Video Pulls Back The Curtain On David Fincher's Subtle, Haunting Style Of Direction

It's not flashy...and that's the point. David Fincher is making critical waves yet again with today's release of Gone Girl in theaters. While Fincher is considered one of the foremost auteurs in popular cinema today, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes him both different and better than many of his peers. There isn't a quick and easy explanation, but if you have seven minutes to dive into this, you'll see not just what makes the director of Fight Club and Se7en stand apart from many other so-called "gritty" directors. It's as much about his restraint and limited use of gimmicks as it his gravitation towards strong scripts. Without giving too much aways, you'll learn here how Fincher uses zooms, close-ups, and composition to convey a visual message as powerful as the scripted ones. And if you don't like David Fincher's work, there's still plenty to study and learn what goes into a seemingly simple shot. Kudos to the creator, Tony Szhou, for his work here.


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'The Simpsons' Goes 'Game Of Thrones' (Video)

'The Simpsons' is awesome again, if only for a moment. With the second season premiere of Game of Thrones just four weeks away, our withdrawal is baying inside of us. We want it now and The Simpsons isn't doing anything to quell that hunger. Posted here is the entire intro to last night's episode that sends up the animation style used in Game of Thrones' opening credits. However, instead we travel to the "kingdoms" of Springfield. If only the entire episode parodied Game of Thrones. It would be The Simpsons first talked about show in eight years. Always good to see the monorail getting some use.


Here's A Video Of Every 'Game Of Thrones' Death

Don't worry - it stops at season three if you're not caught up completely. Game of Thrones is a violent show. (You must think I'm an idiot for pointing that out, but every article needs an opening line.) How violent? According to some guys at Digg (remember Digg?), it's 5,179-deaths-in-three-seasons violent. oF course, a lot of that takes place with a huge fire, but still. That's a lot of deaths. Relieve the magic, the stabbings, and the molten-gold-poured-on-heads one more time with this fun clip, and be glad you live in a safer, more secure place. Like 2014 Detroit.


'Staten Island Summer' Trailer Goes Off The Deep End

Any party with a flamethrower is going to be classic. While Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp should have Netflix covered in the category of madcap, endless summer tales, they're hedging their bets by also airing Staten Island Summer. This looks to be more of a coming of age tale without any of the Paul Rudd motorcycle negligence you get with Wet Hot. Written by SNL's Colin Jost and produced by Lorne Michaels, Staten Island Summer features Saturday Night Live players Will Forte, Fred Armisen, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan in a story about wreckless pool lifeguards throwing one final, historic party. It involves a flame-thrower because, what's the harm? There's a pool right there.