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Zombie Game Trailer Is An Elegant Tearjerker

Normally we don’t post about video games, unless someone is ruining our favorite game by turning it into a horrible movie. However, this trailer for Techland’s Dead Island is surprisingly cinematic. It definitely stands out from the bloody, mindless horde of zombie games looking to scoop out your braaaaains… (and the cash from your wallet.)

The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled – is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year? Damn it, that was kind of a bummer, though. Why weren’t there any badass plants around to help that poor family? Video games have taught me that plants are the natural enemy of zombies, so if I were running Dead Island, I’d get some emergency gardeners in there pronto.

The game’s official release date has not yet been announced. (Moviefone)

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  1. February 16, 2011 3:38 pm


    Video games shouldn’t have that level of emotional commitment! Damnit!! … This is gonna be good though, can’t wait to see the gameplay in action!

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