You'll Probably Want To Watch This 'Red Tails' Trailer

Did George Lucas make a good movie? He made an awesome trailer at the very least. The trailer for the  George Lucas-produced Red Tails opens with World War II fighter pilots getting shredded. Which looks pretty spectacular, I have to say. That's where Terrence Howard and the Tuskegee Airmen come in. The legendary group of African-American combat pilots fight through red tape in order to escort bombers to their targets. The real star of the trailer are the visual effects, but it seems like they did the Airmen's story justice as well. It's directed by Anthony Hamilton (The Wire, Treme) and stars Howard, NeYo, Andre Royo, Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Cranston, and Method Man to name a few. If only they had cast Chris Rock to humorously point out the different ways in which white people and black people fly.

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'Red 2' Trailer: I'm Getting Too Old For This Schtick

At this point they should cast Betty White and call it a day. I'm not sure how it came to fruition but here's a trailer for Red 2 -- the follow up to Red, a movie that exists. All of your favorite things about the original are back: John Malkovich pretends to be insane, Bruce Willis throws bad guys through furniture, and Helen Mirren acts like Jason Statham. Now, with the added elderly star power of Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones (mid-40's = Hollywood elderly) and the karate of Byung-hun Lee, who has aged incredibly well. But back to Mirren, can we get her to star in a straight-up action vehicle without any winks? She'd be great as Jason Bourne.


Get Wholesome With The 'Good Old Fashioned Orgy' Trailer

The secret to orgies is to offer only light finger foods so people aren't too full to bang. Learned that one the hard way. A whole mess on funny people are gettin' together, and they're all gonna bang each other in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. Why they're having the orgy isn't important. They're doing it to save a rec center or for the Red Cross, or something. What's important is that they're doing it. And if you're at all familiar with contemporary comedy, you're going to notice at least a handful of the cast. The film boasts Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Lucy Punch, Leslie Bibb, Lindsay Sloane, Tyler Labine, Lake Bell and Nick Kroll as its principals. And while I can't say I'm eager to see all of them naked, it's a pretty crack squad of comedic actors, so let's bust out the KY and just ask questions later. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy opens September 2nd.


Exclusive: The 'Wanderlust' Red Band Trailer Is Here

Watch it. Wanderlust, staring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, hits theaters Friday, February 24st. But, in order to hold you over until then, we've got the exclusive red band trailer, and it's literally got something for everybody. If for some reason you're not a fan of laughter, you'll still be able to enjoy the naked breasts and implied bestiality. And let's not forget the psychedelic drugs. See, something for everyone! The Judd Apatow produced film (directed by David Wain) tells the story of a couple from New York who flee the city in search of something more. What they end up finding is a commune full of promiscuous hippies. Compare that to what the travelers found in The Hills Have Eyes, and I think it's safe to say the Wanderlust characters really lucked out.


'Tucker And Dale Vs Evil' Red Band Makes Good On Promise

Not that you'd expect this movie to have a G-rated trailer. [post-album postid="205635" item="5"]Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil has been kicking around the festival scene and thanks to Comic-Con, it's now on many more radars. As far as horror send-ups go, it's got a pretty awesome premise. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine star as two innocent hillbillies fixing up their cabin in the woods. A carload of college kids mistakes them for creepy killers, and through a series of misunderstandings, end up killing themselves while incriminating Tucker and Dale along the way. That is why I never go into the woods. It's too dangerous. That and the raccoons with their creepy little hands and what are they planning anyway???


'The Sitter' Red-Band Trailer

This trailer reminds me of my babysitting experiences, only this video has slightly more Method Man. Slightly. Why would anyone hire Jonah Hill to be a babysitter? I don't want to judge on appearances or anything, but he's just got one of those faces that makes him look like he is always overwhelmed. When it comes to babysitters, I want someone who looks a little more like Daniel Craig than Jonah Hill. But that wouldn't be very funny, so the producers of The Sitter went with Jonah Hill. In the red-band trailer, Hill plays his normal goofy self, only this time he is responsible for the lives of small children, which is actually more sad than funny if you think about it. Nah. It's still more funny. The Sitter boasts a pretty awesome cast featuring Sam Rockwell, JB Smoove, and Method Man, but it would appear that Hill is the star of the show. Will his good intentions keep him out of trouble? Apparently not. NOTE: For some reason, there is a little bumper preceding the trailer that's pretty funny and shows a Jonah Hill that's lost about 100 pounds. You won't miss it, but it's worth calling out.


I Could Stare At This Picture Of The Fake George Lucas All Day Long

He's as good as the real thing. Ok. The picture is pretty much the punchline, and we've spoiled that, but let's spend a second giving credit where credit is due. The guy playing George Lucas is Josh Robert Thompson. He's an impressionist who's done Lucas for years. He went to the Star Wars fan convention and picked a fight with one of his own creations, and held up signs that defended his revisionist assertion that Greedo shot first. It's all pretty damn funny, if only because Lucas is a funny dude. I think that this guy better watch himself at these conventions, because for every fan that loves him, there's probably another one that wants to hurt him for the digital tinkering of the show. (A.V. Club)


Saw V Red Band Trailer Will Make You Cringe

SEE THE FULL POST FOR THE RED BAND VERSION. Nothing helps a Friday afternoon go by faster than some fictional torture. Once you get past the age gate (I know, I know) you'll be treated to one of Saw's trademark traps. After watching this, I've decided that, should I find mysel in a trap like this, I'm just going to sit there and let it kill me. SEE THE FULL POST FOR THE RED BAND VERSION. Nothing helps a Friday afternoon go be faster than some fictional torture. Once you get past the age gate (I know, I know) you'll be treated to one of Saw's trademark traps. After watching this, I've decided that, should I find mysel in a trap like this, I'm just going to sit there and let it kill me. I can barely handle the pressure of ordering at the drive through let alone deciding between my limbs and my life.