You'll Never Guess '11-11-11's' Release Date

If you get it, I'll owe you a cookie. Darren Lynn Bousman is back with the official teaser trailer for 11-11-11, now with a confirmed release date. You'll never guess what it is. If you do, I'll owe you a cookie. Looks like Bousman is looking to capitalize on all those Veteran's Day moviegoers by releasing the horror flick on the appropriately calendar date of 11-11-11. The film's conceit is that the numbers 11-11 have appeared throughout history as harbingers of something dreadful yet to arrive. Kind of like the colors black and yellow. Now that that song has been released, I see them everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. They'll appear on something as innocuous as a mustard jar or a bumblebee floating past a taxi cab. But they are out, and they're planning something. You doubt me now but we'll see who's left standing after Wiz Khalifa inadvertently opens a portal to Hell on Earth. (Bloody Disgusting)