You Too Can Speak Dothraki

Now you can respect those that is respectful by speaking in their native tongue. It's a common problem. We all want to intimidate our enemies with eloquently barbaric phrases and threats but who has the time? Now, thanks to Muzzy, learning Dothraki has been made easy. Regale your schoolyard chums with phrases like: Achrakh yeroon zireyesee hrazef anni, zhey ifak! - Your stink offends my horse, foreigner! Athchomar chomakea, zhey lajaki vezhveni.  - Respect to those that are respectful, great warriors. Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! - The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones. & many more!!

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'Boyhood Meets World' Mashup Gives The Oscar Nominee The Respect It Deserves

'Boyhood' is the nominee. Not 'Boy Meets World'. Duh. Wow. You want to go into this video with a sense of detachment and humor, but damn if this isn't a really, really, really touching little mix-up that takes the best of both works and piles them on top of one another for a big ole' sentiment sandwich. Was Boy Meets World that good of a show? I sure didn't think so, but put it over some Boyhood folk guitar and some title cards, and it becomes MUCH more profound. Why didn't Linklater just make this movie? I bet he couldn't get the rights. So he did the next easiest thing. He filmed a movie over 12 years and hoped none of the main characters died. Enjoy this clip. It's pretty great.


The 'Hitman: Agent 47' Trailer is Here Because We Learned Nothing From the Original 'Hitman'

Someone put a bullet in this franchise already. "He’s stronger, faster, more intelligent than other people." So sayeth Spock (Zachary Quinto) about midway through the first trailer for Hitman: Agent 47, a.k.a the reboot of the movie no one wanted to see when it starred someone we actually knew back in 2007. Clearly, Quinto was not referring to anyone involved in this ill-conceived remake while delivering that horrible line of dialogue, as the trailer for Agent 47 manages to cram more cliches into two and a half minutes than its box office bomb of a predecessor was able to do in an hour and a half. A slow motion, CGI gunfight set to one of today's most popular songs? Check. A woman swimming topless in a pool? Check. Oh, and did I mention that Zachary Quinto delivers the line "He’s stronger, faster, more intelligent than other people" with 100% seriousness? Because yeah, that too. Check out the trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 above. It looks like a pile of sh*t, but plenty of things 'splode in it.


'The Strain' Season Two Trailer Is All Tongues And Explosions

The vampire menace returns. The Strain returns to FX this summer for its second season. This official trailer is heavy on the action and impressive visual effects. If only they could find a digital effects wizard capable of doing something about Corey Stoll's hairpiece. It's so distracting and makes it difficult for me to suspend disbelief for this show about an ancient race of vampires taking over the world without anybody noticing.


MSNBC Learned Putting News Team In Sombreros, Drinking Tequila, For Cinco de Mayo Means You Have To Apologize For It 3 Months Later

You should see what they did on April 20th. The discussion of representing other ethnicities and the boundaries of good taste will always be a source of much contention between people, but I think that we can all agree that we don't want to see our white newscasters on MSNBC in sombreros, drinking fake tequila to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo. Because it's insensitive? Maybe. Because it's really, stupid and unprofessional? Yeah. Definitely that one. On the Way Too Early show (I smell a Pulitzer based on the name alone), host Thomas Roberts shared the origins of the holiday (understandable) while his PRODUCER, ambled around in a big hat with a flask of what we all assume is tequila. Dude, a margarita is far less offensive. Anyway, because it takes 90-120 days to apologize for something stupid and indefensible, MSNBC is just now getting their "I'm sorry"s out to an association of Hispanic journalists through an appearance by the network president at their annual convention. They should also direct it to anyone with good taste who just wants to watch the news in the morning. (Deadline)


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'Little Fockers' International Trailer Coins Godfocker Phrase

Early test screening reaction. Universal Pictures has dropped a new international trailer for Little Fockers. The boner stabbings from the U.S. trailer have been replaced with references to The Godfather and Jaws, and of course, vomiting. So this movie has Viagra jokes, puke jokes, overused film references jokes, bleeding all over people jokes, and Jessica Alba. One out of five ain't bad. Still no sign of Dustin Hoffman shoe-horned in to up the zany antics. Maybe after viewing this trailer he'll agree to a pity cameo. Check out the trailer after the jump... Little Fockers -- Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


Learn To Play Guitar With Ricky Gervais' David Brent In This Video

Hot love highway. When the British Office came out, there was little need to delineate actor Ricky Gervais from his painfully awesome David Brent character, because no one knew who Gervais was. However, after a LOT of public appearances, some good projects, more than a few bad ones, and a general "aw shucks, aren't I incorrigible?" attitude, it seems as though the two might be a little closer than anyone would have imagined. But who the hell cares? It's still awesome to get any dose of David Brent back, so here he is in some weird guitar video called "Thank Fuck It's Friday/Learn Guitar With David Brent." No more information is necessary.