You Too Can Speak Dothraki

Now you can respect those that is respectful by speaking in their native tongue. It's a common problem. We all want to intimidate our enemies with eloquently barbaric phrases and threats but who has the time? Now, thanks to Muzzy, learning Dothraki has been made easy. Regale your schoolyard chums with phrases like: Achrakh yeroon zireyesee hrazef anni, zhey ifak! - Your stink offends my horse, foreigner! Athchomar chomakea, zhey lajaki vezhveni.  - Respect to those that are respectful, great warriors. Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! - The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones. & many more!!