Wyld Stallyns Reuniting For ‘Bill And Ted 3'?

Rufus smiles down from heaven, "Be excellent to each other." Alex Winters must be a really convincing guy. The mightier half of the Bill and Ted duo (Keanu) recently opened up to MTV about a Bill and Ted 3, which writers should have done in about six weeks or so. By "writers" I mean the original writing team that blessed us with both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. The fact that they insist that they are six weeks away from a draft leads me to believe that they haven't started yet, as no Bill and Ted saga, unless it's tied in with a Dan Brown story, could take six weeks to write. Keanu conveys to MTV, from the last he's heard, that the third installment will pick up with Bill and Ted still attempting to write a song that saves the world. Which apparently takes about 20 years. And there's some time travel, too. You know what? Let's not overanalyze this. It's a Bill and Ted movie, and it's going to be pretty damn cool if all the pieces fall into place.