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Women Of ‘Entourage’ Rock The Mic With Gary Busey

Spike TV got Gary Busey together with some hottish chicks to drop some science on the mic appliance in order to promote their syndication of “Entourage.” The concept behind the music video promo is creative. Actresses and porn stars who have appeared naked on the show complain about stripping off and having to put their mouths on the cast. They worked hard for those roles, and they want their close-up (though if you’re in a scene where you have furry-sex with Kevin Dillon, why would you want to be recognized on the street?).

Then Busey shows up because nothing puts asses in office chairs more than these three words: GARY. BUSEY. RAPPING. This thinking will ultimately backfire. Spike knows guys only watch the show for the hot, naked women. So, be sure to check out the episodes nudity-free on Spike. Also, these girls aren’t helping their case. Awkward, white-rapping on television is far more embarrassing than showing your tits on television. (via Warming Glow)

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