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Wolverine Trailer “Leaked” at Comic Con

It’s blurry, shaky, crooked and filled with the sound of nerds hooting and hollering in delight, but somehow it’s still worth watching. Apparently Wolverine wasn’t even going to have a presence at Comic Con this year, but Hugh Jackman pranced his way on stage during one of the panels and started spilling bean after delicious bean about his flick, which comes out next May. There’s an awful lot of information to digest in there. It has the first appearances of Lady Deathstrike and Gambit, as well as what appears to be a little kid version of Wolverine, complete with huge ass claws. I’m not entirely sold on the Gambit they have in there. I know he’s supposed to be skinny and limber, but I don’t think he needs that moustache. I’m not going to describe the trailer because you can just watch it….at least until it get taken down.

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