William Shatner Gets The Straight Dope In 'The Captains' Documentary

He's like the Michael Moore of nerdy stuff. [post-album postid="208133" item="3"]Famed mountain climber William Shatner has embarked on another grand journey. In this trailer for The Captains, Shatner tracks down and interviews Star Trek's various Captains. But more importantly, he also finds occasion to sit in a cardboard box like some kind of well-dressed hobo. While interviewing his Starfleet Command peers, Shatner also recalls his own experiences with playing the role. The actors interviewed are Patrick Stewart, Chris Pine, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, and, okay, I guess throw Scott Bakula in there too. Here's hoping the sequel will see Shatner chasing after the sexy ladies of Star Trek. It can't be hard to find that footage.