Will Smith's 'Avengers' Rap Is Perfect On Many Levels

I'm not ashamed to admit I love this. You just know there'd be an Avengers rap song had Will Smith been cast as Nick Fury. And I'm not ashamed to admit I would love it. Also, who is this extremely sexy, extremely camera-shy Black Widow? I'd sure like to show her what to do with her arms... (via Reddit)

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Jackson Reveals ‘Nick Fury’ Sidekick Info: It’s A Lady!

Samuel L. Jackson, who appeared as Nick Fury in 'Iron Man' (post credits) and 'Iron Man 2', is finally getting his own shot at the spotlight in 'The Avengers', but he'll be sharing it with a hot brunette sidekick. Samuel L. Jackson, who appeared as Nick Fury after the credits of Iron Man, and somewhere in the murky, sequel-y depths of Iron Man 2, is finally getting his own shot at the spotlight in The Avengers, but he'll be sharing it with a hot brunette sidekick. Jackson told Jimmy Fallon last night, “I gotta screen test like five actresses on Friday. They have this new character that’s my sidekick or something, that’s with me all the time.” So far we know that several actresses, from Scott Pilgrim's Mary Elizabeth Winstead to  Cobie Smulders from "How I Met Your Mother" are being considered for the role, along with several other equally beautiful but less noteworthy brunettes. The Avengers begins filming in April, with an intended release date of May 4, 2012. (The Playlist)


New 'Avengers' Trailer Shows Us How All These Avengers Ended Up Together

Handsome men make the best superheroes. So that's how the super friends all met! We can thank a bald black dude in an eyepatch. In case you were wondering exactly how the characters from The Avengers were all assembled so as not to look like a superhero version of the Miami Heat, here's your answer. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) assembled a team of elite superheroes (Is there any other kind?) to tackle the type of costumed ne'er-do-wells that could only populate a Marvel universe. While I'm sure the origin story of The Avengers is somewhat carefully crafted, it's pretty hard to get past seeing Captain America next to Thor next to Iron Man. It looks like a parody of itself, but that probably won't stop it from being fun.


This 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Should Hit All The Right Notes

Life looks kinda difficult for these guys. We got a December trailer, and then an international trailer two weeks ago, and now we're getting the first theatrical trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. It seems to check all the boxes of what fans would want out of Mad Max sequel. In addition to staying very true to the originals in terms of production design, it also features some very hot women (Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and even an actual Australian! (Tom Hardy) The film is going with a hard R for violence and whatnot, so you can expect the film to be as gruesome as its source material would suggest. Beyond that, maybe you should just scope out the trailer and see if this particular brand of film is right for someone like you. If so, you can catch it in theaters on May 15th. (Collider)


Jimmy Kimmel Added Some Furbys To 'Fury'

Because the words are similar. And because it's funny. Fury, the Brad Pitt war movie featuring lots and lots of tanks, isn't supposed to be cute. It's, by most accounts, graphic, gory, and traumatic. In an effort to counterbalance that with something fun to watch, Jimmy Kimmel and his minions took to inserting a few Furbys in the mix, giving us a lighter film. Only these Furbys are creeping the hell out of me. I was never in on the Furby craze. Did they always have dead, glowing eyes? Cause...yuck. Kill them, Brad Pitt. A nation thanks you for your service.


'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Wacky Neighbor Nick Fury Swung By For A Visit

He wasn't there to borrow sugar. Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. is continuing to find its footing with last night's good but not great episode. The highlight of which was Samuel L. Jackson popping by to remind everyone he likes to shout. Though this episode was an improvement upon the pilot, it didn't really offer much more. The characters are still unlikable and the production value still screams cheap right down to Nick Fury's fake-ass goatee. If Marvel can make New York looked like it's been invaded by aliens through an intergalactic portal, don't you think they should be able to handle facial hair? Anyway, fun cameo.


Catch The Trailer For The Next Brad Pitt WWII Film, 'Fury'

Finally, someone is making a movie about WWII! Brad Pitt, like so many other men approaching 50, seems to be really getting into World War II. A few years back, he starred in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, and now he's taking the lead in the less-ensembly Fury. Fury is written and directed by David Ayer, who has experience with similar heavy fare like Training Day, End of Watch, and Harsh Times so this should fall in his wheelhouse, save for the fact that there are no cops. Nonetheless, Brad Pitt normally has a good eye for projects, and this has all the trappings of a pretty strong film. Take a look at how the greatest generation lived.