Will Ferrell Is A Broken And Miserable Man In ‘Everything Must Go’

Will Ferrell loses the game of life in 'Everything Must Go'. In this film, we see Will Ferrell hit rock bottom. Or rather his character. In the real world, Will Ferrell bottomed out sometime between Kicking and Screaming and Semi-Pro. In Everything Must Go, we are spared the goofy, fake-angry Will Ferrell and subjected to an extremely mild-mannered doormat of a man who has to pick up the pieces and move on. We see Ferrell get fired, dumped, and sell all his stuff. It's a little unclear where he goes from there. One would hope he finds some sort of redemption or fresh start. Otherwise, this is a very sad story indeed. Other things to note in the trailer: Fat black kid, Dennis from "Sunny," Stephen Root, Pabst, and a song with the chorus "Standing at the door of self-discovery." Enjoy.