Who Tweeted It: @Tyrese Or @Ludacris?

Let's all play! I traveled all the way to Rio to quiz the Fast Five crew on Tyrese and Ludacris's tweets. They're all crazy, but which guy tweeted what? Play along and see if you can beat the people who spent weeks filming with them while listening to their sage advice.

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What If Your Grandmother Read Snooki's Tweets?

We get sick of reporting on sequels sometimes, so here's this. We're about to share with you the answer to this question that no one asked. I don't know who would subject their European grandmother to YouTube stardom, especially as a conduit for Snooki's bland, horrible thoughts, but the person behind the camera has no bones about it. That said, the grandmother does make some very good points. Road trips ARE fun. And Snooki is an asshole. Right on both counts, Granny. Also, I'm thinking of Grandma wearing a romper and peeing. Not my favorite thing. Go about your Monday. Also, I disagree on her "green tea is the shit" stance. Chai is where it's at. 


Talking Mass Destruction With The 'Fast Five' Crew

Just how many cars were destroyed, director Justin Lin? I had the chance to sit down with Fast Five director Justin Lin in Rio de Janeiro and discuss how he totally destroyed a crapload of cars in the film. Tyrese, Ludacris, and the fantastically gorgeous Elsa Pataky also talk about the relationships on set. The intensity of the footage has nothing on my intro though. I could have sworn I was more enthusiastic during the taping. Perhaps I was just terrified of falling over the railing and tumbling all the way down Sugar Loaf.


Jimmy Kimmel's Getting Music Stars To Read Mean Tweets Before The Grammys

They should have to read these during their acceptance speech at the Grammys. The Grammys are coming soon, which, whatever, but at least that provides a flimsy enough pretense for Jimmy Kimmel to get back in the saddle and let loose some singin' celebs readin' mean tweets. These tweets seem predominately looks-based, which are about as mean as you can get. And uncreative. But fortunately, the celebs know what they're in for, so it's not like this should come as a surprise. I mean, who would want to see celebrities reading nice tweets? No one, right? It looks like the talk show hosts have been busting out the big guns this week. There can be only one Jimmy. But which?


First Two Minutes Of 'Rio' Makes Me Reconsider The Ethics Of Bird Hunting

Here's a preview of the animated movie 'Rio.' The upcoming 'Rio' version of Angry Birds for iPhone sounds more promising, because maybe I'll get to destroy these fowl pheasants. Fox just released the first two minutes of their upcoming animated film Rio. The overly cheerful singing, the obnoxiously bright colors, the cute wittle baby bird who's just wearning how to fwy... Now I wish I was a bird, so I'd have the claws to claw my god damn eyes out. If you're really into The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, and not in a let's-get-high-and-laugh-at-how-retarded-this-is way, then this 3D movie is clearly for you. Rio is directed by Carlos Saldanha, who did all the Ice Age movies and Robots. So after this clip, that's really bad sign #2. However, a few promising elements are soaring above the mess of bird shit. The cast includes Jesse Eisenberg, Neil Patrick Harris and Anne Hathaway. Also, the plot doesn't sound too terrible: “A nerdy macaw who leaves the comforts of his cage in small town Minnesota and heads to Rio de Janeiro. He embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, learning to open himself up to all that life has to offer along the way.” Actually, the coolest sounding news surrounding Rio is that Rovio is making a Rio-themed sequel to their Angry Birds iPhone game. I'm an Angry Birds addict, so the thought of using these cloying birds as living weapons to destroy pigs in towers has me excited. Sexually excited? Let's not go there, but yes. Wait, I just read a little further and apparently you use the original Angry Birds to rescue the characters from Rio. So... now I'm thinking it's time to take my 28 gauge out of the tool shack, cause I'm declaring this bird season. (/Film and TheWrap)


Official 'Rio' - Angry Birds Music Video: "The Brand Synergy Salsa"

There's no way these two properties could resist bird-sexing each other. The upcoming Fox CG movie Rio and the omnipresent iPhone game Angry Birds are a lot alike. They are both about birds. Some of the birds in Rio also appear to be angry. There's no way these two properties could resist bird-sexing each other. Above is a clip from 3D Rio, re-edited to contain the 2D birds that regularly give you new levels to distract you from your stupid job. The hammy, hyperactive acting of the bird villain Nigel makes me appreciate the unibrowed flatties. At least they don't get all in your face about being pissed off birds - plus they're good sports when you fling them across the room. Rio flaps into theaters April 8th, but you can play the Angry Birds Rio game right now, until your thumbs bleed. (Trailer Addict)


Jason Schwartzman Is A Total Prick In The 'Listen Up Phillip' Trailer

From the looks of this trailer, I don't think Phillip is the type of guy who listens. If you thought that you had the image of the insufferable nailed down, you might want to watch the trailer for Listen Up Phillip, because Jason Schwartzman will be the new archetype. In the film, he plays a writer who's achieved a little success with his book, and, yes, it's all gone to his head. He treats his girlfriend, played by Elizabeth Moss, like a jerk, and he manages to take Wes Anderson's hallmarks of aloofness and brevity, and turn them into weapons that keep anyone from liking him. Take a look, and realize that the only writers worth a damn these days are working on websites, where they could never possibly develop any ego, or even sense of self-worth, at any time.


'The Tourist' Trailer Travels the Internet

The Tourist hits theaters on December 10th, but the film's trailer hits your face in about 20 seconds. Staring Johnny Depp as the titular tourist and Angelina Jolie as what the Israelis like to call a "Honeypot," the film is a pulse pounding spy thriller where anything is possible, yet nothing is what it seems. The question is, who's playing who and will the hunter become the hunted? Trust no one and expect the unexpected in this mile-a-minute action packed rollercoaster ride! Have you driven a Ford lately? Only time will tell. While the trailer looks pretty cool, I have to wonder why movie spies always seem to congregate in places like Venice? That's like holding your spy convention in Disney World. Maybe it made a litte more sense during the Cold War, but at this point, it's kind of been done. Why not try somewhere a little more remote, like Burma? Yeah, there might not be as many 5-star hotels, but you don't have the full power of European law-enforcement breathing down your neck as you try to do your spy stuff. Think, people! (Coming Soon) Watch the trailer for Salt The Tourist, after the jump...