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Who The Hell Is Bill Bouchard?

It takes a little digging on Wonderglen’s intranet. But you find some pretty amazing stuff.  Here are a few parts to check out:

An inspirational quote in the Pump It Up Section:
“Work together, please. There really are no superstars here. Not one.”
- Karen Haggus, Head Coach, Caly
  Poly Mustangs Women’s Soccer, 1958 – 2000.
The Bio of the Company’s Chief Executive:
In 1962, Pieter Voorhees was savagely bitten for no reason in an unprovoked Sand Tiger Shark attack while filming an underwater documentary with David Attenborough. The footage he courageously brought back would later become “Shark Bite!”, arguably the first reality TV program. More than four decades later, Pieter is still setting trends in the entertainment industry.
He’s also winning awards:
The Zulu Coucil, where office grievances are aired. Nick writes:
Wonder Glens: Those of you who have gotten to know me know that I follow a path of non-confrontation (MLK/Gandhi), peace and respect. However, there comes a time when individual rights take precedent, and I am referring specifically to whoever ate my brownies in the staff fridge. I tend to assume the best about people … but that trust has been savagely violated in this instance, without pointing fingers.
The drug policy is worth mentioning:
D: Don’t use drugs and alcohol at work. †a
D: Drugs use is a personal choice, but working under drugs is not
R: Remember at office parties to provide biers for people who do not drink hard   boozes
U: Undergo treatment if you have a drug problem
G: Government will get involved if they can … let’s prevent that.
S: Smoking pot can effect.
We’re Looking forward to more of this. From whoever it is.
Max Powers

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