Which TV Character Would Make The Best Jedi Knight?

1. @summoner2100 asks: Which show should get an off Broadway musical? 2. @msinasays: What TV show would be improved by adding time travel? 3. What TV character would be the best Jedi Knight? 4. @nolandean27: Since 13 Reasons Why did so well, what YA novel should get a TV adaptation next? 5. @ahnecar: Which current TV actor/actress is a future Oscar winner?

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Episode 11

Who Is TV's Most Offensive Character?

1. @jpeck1098: What is the biggest snub of this year's #Emmys? 2. @FXMhasthemovies: What TV character would make the...

89 mins 6 days ago

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Who Is TV's Most Offensive Character?

1. @jpeck1098: What is the biggest snub of this year's #Emmys? 2. @FXMhasthemovies: What TV character would make the best Emmy host? 3....

89min | Aired on 07/18/17


Which TV Character Would Be The Worst House Guest?

1. @MsInaSays: What TV character needs to go on a vacation the most? 2. @SeantheStampede: What three TV characters would make the best...

73min | Aired on 07/11/17


What Is The Most Patriotic TV Series Of All Time?

1. What is the most patriotic TV series of all time? 2. @Bantha_Milk: Which show is the best representation of America? Good or bad. 3....

81min | Aired on 07/04/17


What Movie Monster Should The Stranger Things Kids Fight?!

1. What is the best TV marriage proposal? 2. Who is all the time worst TV character (worst meaning bad conceptually, not worst as in most...

74min | Aired on 06/27/17


Reboot a "Rotten" Movie Into a TV Series!

1. In honor of Adam West, who should play Batman next on TV? 2. Take any film rated "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes and pitch it as a TV show...

95min | Aired on 06/20/17


Which Superhero Alum Should Guest Star On a Super Hero Show?

1. @eragon92- What superhero alumni would you like to see make a guest appearance and on what superhero show? 2. @jpeck1098- Improve a...

83min | Aired on 06/13/17


Who is TV's Most Badass Woman?

1. What is the worst show your significant other could be binge watching that you have to suffer through? 2. What was the best season...

70min | Aired on 06/06/17


What Is The Best Non-Netflix Streaming Show?

1. What is the best NON-NETFLIX streaming show? 2. Which previously network show should have a revival on a premium channel OR streaming...

95min | Aired on 05/30/17


Which TV character Would You Choose to Help You Defeat a Xenomorph?

1. @WWEJTH1: Pitch an Original Game Show (Concept, Host, Grand Prizes) 2. @twalk6279: What TV show that got renewed should not have? 3....

83min | Aired on 05/23/17


Which TV Character Would Make The Best Wedding Officiant?

1. @mattmolina91: who is the biggest playboy/player in TV history (male or female)? 2. Pitch an amusement park ride based around a TV...

97min | Aired on 05/16/17