What's This Weirdo Thing? 'Video By: Neill Blomkamp'

Neill Blomkamp broke out in big ways with District 9. Now, all eyes are on this guy in anticipation of what his next project will be. Turns out, it's this some kind of thing. Neill Blomkamp broke out in big ways with District 9. Now, all eyes are on this guy in anticipation of what his next project will be. Turns out, it's this some kind of thing. The mysterious video (titled simply 'Video By: Neill Blomkamp') was included in Wired Magazine's iPad-only issue, and features two young men discovering some weird little mutant corpse. Nobody knows for certain if this viral video is part of a larger film project (possibly about the Montauk Monster), or just some pointless Internet thing. But I can tell you one thing: this video makes me inexplicably hungry. There's some good-looking meat on them haunches. I'm pretty sure this is where McRib comes from. (/Film)

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No one does sci-fi quite like Blomkamp. Robot cops? That sounds familiar. It reminds me a little (JUST A LITTLE) of Robocop. However, since director Neill Blomkamp has a style and a frenetic take on filmmaking unlike any other director, it's a safe bet that Chappie covers some new ground. And the trailers backs up that bet. When the robot cops aren't getting the job done, Hugh Jackman's characters suggests a new device that's essentially a robot controlled by a human. However, the project turns into an evolutionary leap that the powers that be view as a threat to all of humankind. So they try to take it out. And that's the awesome-looking story of Chappie, as best we can tell from this trailer.


'Chappie' Trailer: Neill Blomkamp's 'Short Circuit' Remake Takes Some Liberties

Johnny Five is hardly recognizable. No. Chappie is not Neill Blomkamp's remake of Short Circuit but it definitely looks like Neill Blomkamp's remake of Short Circuit. Here we have Dev Patel taking over the role that made Fisher Stevens famous, Die Antwoord appearing in both the Ally Sheedy role and the head of the Los Locos Gang from Short Circuit 2. The theme itself, a self-aware robot strives to be considered human in an non-accepting society, is a lift from Short Circuit. The violence is a little amped up though.


Here's An 'Arrested Development' Documentary Trailer That You Should Watch

Thus fulfilling our weekly quota of 'AD' articles a day earlier. Nice! Oh, the folly of man! In 2007, two superfans decided to undertake a documentary project chronicling the short life of Fox's Arrested Development for the sake of future generations. Little did they know that the public would clamor incessantly for the next five years until Netflix decided it would just be easier to give the baby its bottle and create some more episodes of the show. Not ones to quit what they started, the duo of Neil and Jeff (no last names on their website) decided to continue because, hey, it's not like collecting a bunch of hilarious interview footage on one of the most beloved shows is a waste of time. New epsiodes/movie or not, this thing serves its purpose!


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You didn't expect it to be better than the original, did you? [post-album postid="220329" item="5"] Universal has dropped the trailer for the remake of The Thing. Why they would remake a classic horror film such as John Carpenter's The Thing (and call it a prequel), I have no idea. There is no way it could improve upon the original, which means they're just setting themselves up for failure. The trailer doesn't look awful by any means, it just looks meh. Mary Elizabeth Winstead leads a cast that includes Joel Edgerton and Eric Christian Olsen. Or at least that's who they say they are. Who knows with this THING out there. Side note: why must all horror trailers end with a character holding his or her breath, hoping that a creature/killer doesn't strike from around the corner, and then a creature/killer strikes from around the corner?


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'Sleepless in Seattle' meets 'Scanners'. While Joss Whedon has been busy filming gods hitting robots with hammers, Brin Hill has taken directing duties on his supernatural love story In Your Eyes. The story focuses on two strangers who live inside each others brains. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David play the mentally-linked opposites whose psychic connection blossoms into love even though it would be so weird to act physically on the attraction. Ewwwww.


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