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Weekend What To Watch

It’s a big weekend for HBO, Nick Cage, and Asian kids who like basketball.

In Theatres.

Bangkok Dangerous.

We have Nick Cage. Sex trafficking. Thailand. Guns. What more do you need?

Ping Pong Playa

There’s a bit of an Asian theme for the only two movies that are being released this weekend that seem worth watching. This one is about a Chinese kid who wants to play pro basketball, but ends up teaching his mom’s ping pong class. We have not seen it yet, so we have no idea if it’s good. I’m guessing that if you are Chinese and you like to play basketball, then it’s your type of movie.

On The Tee-Vee

Cops- Season 21 Premiere

Satuday, Fox. 8/7c. I’m under arrest? Ya’lls is under arrest. But seriously, 21 years on the TV. That’s nuts.

True Blood- Series Premiere

Sunday, 9pm. HBO. Here’s the premise for the show: “Thanks to a Japanese scientist’s invention of synthetic blood, vampires have progressed from legendary monsters to fellow citizens overnight.” See? Science just saved your blood from being eaten.

Entourage- Season 5 Premiere

Sunday, 10pm. HBO. Ah, the sleaze, the broken families, the hustle, the piles of cash built on bullshit. It’s what makes Hollywood what it is. It’s also what makes this show one of the best things that Hollywood has ever come up with. Now I’m going to go drink myself stupid and watch C-Span while Stan stays sober and sees Bangkok Dangerous.

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