We Now Get 'Se7en' Remade As A Fake 8-Bit Video Game. Hurray!

"8-Bit Kevin Spacey" is the name of my noise rock band. We're playing a show next week. You should totally come. I don't know what's so funny about seeing complex films juxtaposed against the simplistic plots and graphics of 8-bit films. Wait. Yes I do. It's what I just said. That's why they're funny. The guys behind 8-Bit Cinema have done it again, this time by taking the dark world of David Fincher's Se7en and giving it the NES treatment. Though, to be fair, this looks a little more like SNES 16-bit graphics, but I'm not here to upset the apple cart. Just watch the video. It's very funny to watch two noir detectives investigate heinous crimes in such a ridiculous context. I wish this was a real game.