Watch Trailer For The Sarah Palin Doc To End All Sarah Palin Docs (Hopefully)

Weird title, considering she isn't 'Undefeated'. If you thought you were going to be able to avoid reading more about that Sarah Palin-approved documentary about Sarah Palin - how's that workin' out for ya? Here it is, the trailer for The Undefeated, which is a rather curious title considering that Sarah Palin has been, in fact, defeated - twice if you count the time she quit halfway through. Anyway, the trailer is mercifully without the sound of Palin's voice, opting instead to go for the "talking heads talk about how amazing Sarah Palin is" route, which I guess helps to obscure the fact that this documentary was originated from a project conceived by Sarah Palin. Less fortunate is the absence of any of those explicit anti-Sarah Palin soundbites from people like Howard Stern and Louis CK, which are said to necessitate the release of an "unedited" version of the film in addition to a PG-13 version for general, less cool audiences. Anyway, here's the trailer - I recommend not watching it if you just ate.

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See A Trailer For A Documentary About 'Everybody Loves Raymondsky'

The North Korean version should be pretty good, too. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is one of the most popular sitcoms to ever be on TV. And now it seems that our friends in Russia (who also like X-Men) want a piece of that action, and they're going to the show's creator Phil Rosenthal to get it. Funny, right? Well, as you can see in the trailer, even though this all really happened, Exporting Raymond kind of seems like a sitcom on its own. Or at least it's been edited to look that way. Personally, I'd only watch "Everybody in Russia Hates Phil" if it were on HBO. Here's a plot synopsis, in case the trailer isn't clear enough: "Writers can often form a strange relationship with their own work and sometime it can be hard to let it go. Follow Phil Rosenthal, Emmy Award-winning creator of the hit TV series Everybody Loves Raymond, in this incredibly funny documentary about the attempt to translate Raymond into a Russian sitcom." Exporting Raymond is entering a theater near you to thunderous and annoying applause from the live studio audience on April 29th. (via /Film)


Here's The Trailer For The Upcoming HBO Kurt Cobain Doc 'Montage Of Heck'

Not a Nirvana doc, but a Cobain doc. HBO doesn't normally half-ass its original programming, and this Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, seems to be no exception. This is the first take on the Nirvana singer that has been authorized by his estate, and HBO doesn't seem to squander that opportunity. Of course, as fascinating as the artistry is, there's a storm cloud looming over the entire affair, knowing how his life and career ended so abruptly. There isn't much to say about the documentary. He's a fascinating case study, so even non-fans will probably find something of value in this examination of his life with unprecedented access to those close to him and his work.


War Isn't All Fun N' Games In 'Armadillo' Documentary Trailer

It goes from volleyball scene in 'Top Gun' to the opening of 'Saving Private Ryan' in the blink of an eye. This trailer for the documentary Armadillo shows us that serving in Afghanistan isn't all hanging out and reenacting the volleyball scene from Top Gun. Though there does seem to be a fair share of that. This is being positioned as the premier documentary about the current conflict in the Middle East due to the unprecedented access the filmmakers had to their subjects. So, if you ever wanted to experience what it was like to be shot at (without having to travel to Detroit), this is the documentary for you.


DON'T PASS On The Trailer For Kobe Doc 'Kobe Bryant's Muse'

I'd watch it if it was produced by Shaq and Phil Jackson. Showtime is still prepping the documentary Kobe Bryant's Muse, which they assure the public will present "a side of Kobe Bryant that the public has never seen before." One could only presume that means a decent side, a side aware that other humans exist and deserve respect, a side that honors the institution of marriage, a side that passes the ball when it realizes its broken-down body is not what it used to be. That kind of side. (I don't like Kobe Bryant very much.) And I'm sure the portrayal of the star Laker will be fair and even-handed, since it will be produced by Kobe Bryant himself. Stephen Espinoza of Showtime offers this cryptic pull quote to Variety: “Rarely has a superstar athlete afforded this type of access and engaged in this level of self-reflection during his playing career. Throughout his NBA career, Kobe has been an intensely private person, so in many ways this film is the antithesis of the Kobe Bryant that the public has come to know.” If Kobe is exercising self-reflection during tantrums like this, then I'm Helena Bonham Carter. Gosh, even the title of this documentary is painfully romantic. If, for any reason, you want to spend more time with this person, you can tune in to the documentary premiere on Showtime in February.


Here's The Trailer For That Nintendo Power Glove Documentary You Didn't Know Your Life Was Missing

In a meta twist, the documentary is ineffective and frustrating, causing viewers to draw parallels to its subject matter. Someone put together a documentary about the rise and quick fall of the Nintendo Power Glove, a device that prepared a whole generation for the requisite excitement, hope, then disappointment that life doles out in heapin' spoonfuls. I guess the title Nostalgia!: The Movie was taken or something. Anyway, here's the trailer for The Power of Glove, the documentary of the Power Glove.


'I Am Chris Farley' Documentary Trailer: Little Coat, Big Heart

Gone but not forgotten. A documentary about the tornado that was Chris Farley is headed to theaters at the end of July. The world knows him as the hyperactive comedian who cannonballed his way into fame in the 1990's via SNL and a string of films. But what happens to such an energetic performer when they need to turn it off? I Am Chris Farley gathers interviews with his friends and family to discuss the Chris Farley we didn't see and to celebrate his one of a kind presence.


Here's An 'Arrested Development' Documentary Trailer That You Should Watch

Thus fulfilling our weekly quota of 'AD' articles a day earlier. Nice! Oh, the folly of man! In 2007, two superfans decided to undertake a documentary project chronicling the short life of Fox's Arrested Development for the sake of future generations. Little did they know that the public would clamor incessantly for the next five years until Netflix decided it would just be easier to give the baby its bottle and create some more episodes of the show. Not ones to quit what they started, the duo of Neil and Jeff (no last names on their website) decided to continue because, hey, it's not like collecting a bunch of hilarious interview footage on one of the most beloved shows is a waste of time. New epsiodes/movie or not, this thing serves its purpose!


Trailer For Duran Duran Documentary Is As Cheesy As The Band Itself

Duran Duran. Their story must be told. Duran Duran. Their story must be told. Or so thought David Lynch when he decided to direct the pop band's documentary. Everything about this project seems a little tongue-in-cheek, from the effects to the name of the documentary (Unstaged), to even the band itself. With Lynch in the director's chair, it's a fool's errand to try to figure out what his goal or motivations are. Is this a self-aware effort or simply misguided? Check out the trailer above, complete with a negative effect that appears to be made with Flip Camera software. It's difficult to tell if it's weird and good or simply awful. So it's classic Lynch in that regard. (Playlist)