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Watch The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair, If You Want

Nicolas Cage is a renowned actor of the screen, who always brings a certain French idiom to every character he plays. This quality has earned him millions of fans all around the world and a kind of long-lasting box office stardom that is increasingly rare in Hollywood. Not only that, he also gets to work with true auteurs like Werner Herzog and Ridley Scott, making quality movies that might not be huge hits, but are solid movies that he can be proud of. But the thing Nicolas Cage will probably be remembered for is his appearance in YouTube videos like “Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit” and the above video, “The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair.” It’s not quite as good as Nic Cage losing his shit, but what is?

Side note: I watched the video on mute accompanied by DJ Shadow’s “Giving Up the Ghost,” and it fits pretty well. Try it!

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