Watch Oprah Milk Tears Out Of Pharrell's Eyes

"Why'm I crying on Oprah?" Oprah sat down with Pharrell to seemingly interview him about his career in music, but her secret motive was to harvest his tears for use in various potions. Oprah shows Pharrell a supercut of people around the world making their own videos to his song "Happy," and the result causes him to mist up. That's when she drops the hammer by mentioning his deceased grandmother. That's some expert tear-jerking, Oprah. Now all you need is a dragon scale and a child's love and you'll rule all the kingdoms. Seeing Pharrell this overcome makes me want to give him a pass for writing one of the more infectious and grating songs in recorded history. I ain't even mad. Though, I do find it disingenuous that man who loves hats so much should sing about a room without a roof.

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Get Your Edgar Wright Fix With...The New Pharrell Video For 'Gust Of Wind'?

It also features Daft Punk helmet statues! (You'll see...) Edgar Wright is known for a couple things: The Cornetto trilogy and dropping out of Ant-Man. But now, he might make like David Fincher in reverse and do a music video or two. Or maybe this was just a one-off. In any event, we don't know what compelled the film director to direct the video for Pharrell's new video for Gust of Wind, but he did. Honestly, there aren't a lot of Edgar Wright hallmarks in the video; it just sorta looks like a very cinematic Pharrell video, but that's part of the fun. Why did they want/need Edgar Wright for this? If you can get past that, it's a pretty fun, autumn-y song, and the soothing digital vocals of Daft Punk will put everything in its proper place. (Vulture)


Sick Of Pharrell's 'Happy'? Here's The Hilarious, Weird, Music-Free Video

The hat makes an appearance. "Happy" is a pretty damn good song that Pharrell made for himself. While I haven't gotten close to tired of it yet, I could see how people who spend more time at the mercy of drive-time radio could. Either way, there's something to appease all factions in this video which takes the music away from the music video, and just leaves people all smiles and dancing for no particular reason. It's pretty great.


Zombie Game Trailer Is An Elegant Tearjerker

The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled - is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year? Normally we don't post about video games, unless someone is ruining our favorite game by turning it into a horrible movie. However, this trailer for Techland's Dead Island is surprisingly cinematic. It definitely stands out from the bloody, mindless horde of zombie games looking to scoop out your braaaaains... (and the cash from your wallet.) The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled - is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year? Damn it, that was kind of a bummer, though. Why weren't there any badass plants around to help that poor family? Video games have taught me that plants are the natural enemy of zombies, so if I were running Dead Island, I'd get some emergency gardeners in there pronto. The game's official release date has not yet been announced. (Moviefone)


The Hold Steady Recorded The Theme Song For Seth Meyers' 'The Awesomes', And It's...Super

Rock and/or Roll. You have probably forgotten (or in my case, never knew) that Seth Meyers was working on an animated series well before he got the nod to take over Jimmy Fallon's detail on NBC. Well, we're here to remind/inform you that the show will be called The Awesomes, and it's got a pretty kick-ass theme song, complete with video, from everyone's favorite band, The Hold Steady. It's awesome. You're awesome. No. You are. Well tell Dwayne he's full of shit, because you're great and he doesn't deserve you. Great. Now you're crying.


'The Help' Trailer Looks Like 'Oprah's Book Club: The Movie'

If this movie hits, get ready for the 2015 release, 'The Help 2: The Helpening'. Here's a trailer for a film that should be right in your wheelhouse. Assuming, of course, that your wheelhouse consists of 1960's period pieces that focus on a bond between two women that society had deemed too different. We've got the new trailer for The Help, which addresses all those things and more. If that's not your sort of thing, maybe you'll see this movie just because you like to stare at Emma Stone, who plays the role of Skeeter Phelan, a college grad who begins working at a newspaper, only to find she needs to call on her maid (Viola Davis) for help with an article. Cue "I'm Every Woman." The Help is an adaptation of a best-selling book that was selected for Oprah's book club, which is wildly unsurprising, given the book's subject matter. It's pretty much the opposite of Tron.


Vin Diesel Records "I Am Groot!" In Several Languages

Yo soy Groot! Here's a peek behind the curtain into the riveting world of voice-over recording. Vin Diesel's role as the tree man, Groot, in Guardians of the Galaxy may not have involved a lot of line memorization but that isn't any reason why Diesel shouldn't approach the part with the same care and consideration that he gives every role. The result is this video of him recording "I am Groot!," in several different languages for international release. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast has opted to just have the guys looking for work outside Home Depot do it.


Lorde's New 'Hunger Games' Song Sounds Like Lorde With A Little More Drama Injected

Lorde, the toddler from New Zealand (ok, she's like 17) is back with another song for the Hunger Games franchise. In Catching Fire Part 2, she's giving us "Yellow Flicker Beat." Give it a listen and see what you think. The song starts off a little dramatic, but then becomes a dance number that is more reminiscent of her album stuff, if not more produced. Last time around, she gave us a very very very slow version of Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" that was haunting. This one will make you bob your head a little bit, until we remember that District 12 is gone and WHERE'S GALE?