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Watch Naomi Watts Get Her Ass Kicked By A Tsunami In ‘The Impossible’ Teaser

Taking a rare opportunity to not appear in a film with Sean Penn, Naomi Watts is back in The Impossible. She stars alongside Ewan MacGregor in the English-language debut from Juan Antonio Bayona. His previous film, The Orphanage, was a well-received creepfest and a runaway hit in his home land of Spain. That explains why this first teaser is being promoted to a Spanish-speaking audience. Just take my word for it that this film is actually in English. My proof? Whoever they used to overdub Naomi Watts is the same voice of the mom when Univision airs Child’s Play.

The film centers around the true story of a family changed forever by the 2004 tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia. I’m glad to see this is being handled more as a drama and not as an all-out action movie. Watching Ewan MacGregor trying to plant a nuclear bomb in the heart of a tsunami would hurt the soul.

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