Watch Mickey Mouse Go To Vietnam In This Classic, Bizarre, And Distasteful Clip

Who thought this was a good idea? I don't want to ruin this for anyone. Just watch. It's a very existential and pointless exercise that makes me wonder if this was some dude just sketchin' away, and his work popped up. I mean, it seems a little amateur for 60's animation. Just watch.

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Watch ’30 Rock’ In Animated Form

Alec Baldwin looks better as a toon. NBC apparently isn't content to have "30 Rock" simply be a live-action cartoon - they want to turn it into a literal cartoon as well. And lucky you, you can watch it right here. This cartoon, which is the first in a planned series of three, features Alex Baldwin as the Bugs Bunny to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' Elmer Fudd. An animated version of"30 Rock" is making me wonder about other TV possibilities - a cartoon short based on"Boardwalk Empire," perhaps. Or maybe a live-action "Archer." These are all great ideas, I hope I get paid when they happen. (Vulture)


Shameless Plug: Watch This Trailer For 'Coffin' Or I'll Kill You

Your studio apartment doesn't seem so small anymore, does it? When you're dealing with a film about someon buried underground, you'd expect that comparisons to last year's Buried would abound. Well what you expect is wrong, so shut up about it. Coffin doesn't take place entirely underground, but rather features a more familiar "ticking clock" scenario in which the protagonist has 75 minutes to get his wife out of the coffin before the air runs out and she dies. The studio sums the premise up thusly: A masked stranger reveals to Jack that his estranged wife and her lover are buried underground in a wooden box and their oxygen will run out in 75 minutes. He must engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the masked stranger in order to save his wife...and himself. Coffin stars Kevin Sorbo, Bruce Davison, Johnny Alonso, Patrick Barnitt, Sunny Doench, Moksha McPherrin, Candace Kita, Andrena Senola, Johnson Barnett and Luke Barnett. In the interest of full disclosure, it was written, produced, and co-directed by Kipp Tribble, who has written for Screen Junkies in the past, but has moved on and left the rest of us here to rot in the bowels of the Internet. Thanks, Kipp.


Colbie Caillat Covers 'Smelly Cat' At The NYC Central Perk Pop-Up

Let the nostalgia wash over you. In case you were hurting for 90's nostalgia, we'd like to remind you of the Friends pop-up shop that exists to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary. Of course, Gunther is gonna be there, but we're also relieved to find out that there has already been a cover of Phoebe Buffay's iconic coffeeshop anthem, "Smelly Cat." The cover was done by Colbie Caillat, who I'm unfamiliar with, but you can read about here. The experience is now complete, so you're free to fly to New York and indulge in a big latte, and maybe listen to some Dishwalla on your Discman while discussing the OJ trial. For comparison, here's the original: (THR)


60 Years In The Making: 'The Honeymoaners'

If only my grandma could have lived to see this. A few weeks back, I complained about the trailer for The Graduate XXX porn parody, claiming that the adult entertainment industry had officially run out of parody ideas. Well, perhaps I was a little too quick to judge, because we now have The Honeymoaners, a parody of the beloved 50's sitcom, The Honeymooners. I'm not sure a lot of 18-to-25-year-old guys (OK, let's be honest, 12-to-25-year-old guys) even know about The Honeymooners, which calls into question why anyone would parody it. But that fact aside, at least The Honeymooners lends itself to a funny name, and that's all a successful porn parody really needs! Well, that and some hot chicks, I suppose. This film even works in a porn parody of a classic 50's game show (The $69,000 question). Now that's dedication. In “The Honeymoaners,” Ralph Kramden, everybody’s favorite loveable loser, finally gets his chance to change his luck as a contestant on the television quiz show, "The $69,000 Question.” After overhearing the category of questions to test his knowledge, Ralph turns to his best friend Norton to teach him everything he knows about SEX! Together the boisterous big guy and sex-witted sidekick study their local horny hookers, slutty neighbor, and even their wild wives, Alice and Trixie. Ralph may finally hit the jackpot… or he may be left holding his own buzzer. I can't believe they didn't make a "pow, right the kisser joke," but I guess Family Guy beat them to it.


'Dexter In 60 Seconds' Saves You A LOT Of Time

Why slog through five seasons of 'Dexter' when you can get the gist in the same time it takes to make rice in the microwave? If you're like me, you have no real tolerance for Showtime's"Dexter." It's not bad, it's not great, but it can be VERY grating. I think the show would be a lot more palatable if it was 1 minute long, and so does, who produced this absolutely spot on parody of the serial-killer-who-kills-serial-killers-series (say that even ONE time fast). Why slog through four seasons of this show when you can get the gist in the same time it takes to make rice in the microwave? (Warming Glow)


We've Got The Second Season Premiere Of 'Homeland' For You To Watch

It's legal, so it's guilt-free! With last season's finale leaving us with electro-shock therapy and treason of the highest order, last night's Homeland season two premiere was widely those who had Showtime. Those who didn't had to wallow in their own envy and self-pity. Until now. Taking cues from high school drug dealers the world over, Showtime has magnanimously offered "the first one's on us," posting last night's episode on YouTube so that any yahoo with an Internet connection can watch the show and see what the fuss is about. Their gesture also allows self-serving websites like Screen Junkies to embed the video in our site, tricking the most gullible readers into thinking that we're somehow the reason they get to see Homeland for free. It works out pretty well for everyone. Enjoy.