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Watch Katie Couric Tell ‘CBS Evening News’ She’s “Audi 5000″

When Katie Couric became the first solo woman anchor for a major network, there was a lot of hoopla. I mean, a shit-ton of hoopla. Above is Couric’s hoopla-free sign-off to “CBS Evening News,” coming after just five years. She talks about how much more awesome past anchor’s sign-off lines were, and fails to come up with a cooler one. How about: “Katie Couric Just Came Atcha – With News.” That would have been perfect, but oh well.

The ratings for Couric’s era have not been good, so now she’s in talks to host a syndicated afternoon talk show for ABC. Couric’s highlight reel as an anchor includes her infamous Sarah Palin interview, where she “trapped” Palin by asking what newspapers she reads. She also interviewed the regular crew of White House misfits, like President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. If you actually watch the evening news on broadcast TV, you may or may not miss her. I won’t speak for you – you’ll have to look into your heart and decide.

Scott Pelley will replace Couric starting June 6th.

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