Watch Jessica Alba Pretend To Love Math In Trailer For 'An Invisible Sign'

There are numbers everywhere, man. Actress Jessica Alba's reputation, if it were boiled down to a couple sentences, would probably not include the terms "math-obsessed," "mousy," or "sexless." And yet, thanks to some Hollywood magic, she's appearing in An Invisible Sign as a character which could be described by all three of those terms! The movie follows Alba's character, who sees numbers in the air, man, as she deals with her mathematician father's deteriorating mental condition, and falls in love with a funny bearded science teacher. If you're wondering who has the privilege to share the screen with Alba, her dad is played by J.K. Simmons, and the science teacher is played by Chris Messina. The trailer looks pretty standard, but if this is your thing, have at it. It's pretty long, too, so maybe you can watch this in lieu of seeing the actual movie.