Watch Chris Pratt Give A 'Cribs'-Style Tour Of The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Spaceship

We'll stop reporting on Chris Pratt when he stops being awesome. If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, go check it out. If you have seen the film, or are on the fence, then this video might serve as a nice extra/motivation to get back into the theater again. It's Chris Pratt giving a guided tour of his character's spaceship, The Milano. Why "The Milano?" Because he had a big crush on Alyssa Milano when he was a kid. If you don't find that answer satisfactory, you are a cold-hearted, Pratt-hating monster. The tour is hindered by the fact that there's SO much green-screen stuff going on in this film it's a little hard to know what's what. But we'll take our Pratt when we can get him.

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Extended GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Shows Off More Action

Early reports are this film is better than you could ever imagine. Guardians of the Galaxy is back with an extended trailer to further convince you to see the film. It also does a great job of convincing me to download "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways. Marvel screened 17 minutes of footage from the film in IMAX and if the early reactions can be trusted, this film is going to be massive. According to Latino Review, the 3D is used to great effect for the sequences set in space. Think Gravity with much more to look at than Sandra Bullock's face pasted on an astronaut's body. Performance-wise, Chris Pratt's muscles are about to become straight up celebrities and parents are going to have to be ever vigilant if they want to stop their children from approaching raccoons. Sounds like Marvel's streak will continue. It's their galaxy. We just live in it.


Honest Trailers - Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ruled the summer box office and won the heart of America. We relive the movie that proved that people will see ANYTHING with Marvel’s name on it! Guardians of the Galaxy ruled the summer box office and won the heart of America. We relive the movie that proved that people will see ANYTHING with Marvel’s name on it! Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Watch more Honest Trailers ??


Alyssa Milano Has Shiny New Cans In ‘Hall Pass’ Red Band Trailer

Now featuring the film's actual jokes. It's understandable if you've been underwhelmed by the last few films from Peter and Bobby Farrelly. We all feel it. That's why high hopes are pinned on Hall Pass. When watching the trailer, I got the sense that the film's jokes were just too raunchy for general audiences. This new red band trailer shows that I was right. But just because they're raunchy, doesn't mean they're funny. Also strange that Owen Wilson only has about four lines in this trailer with most of the attention going to Jason Sudeikis's take on a role that typically goes to Dan Fogler. I'll have to wait until we see the film before officially calling the time of death on the Farrelly's comedy skills but I'm prepping our 40 oz's for sip-pouring all the same. (IGN)


Get Charmed To Death By Chris Pratt In Seven Minutes Of 'SNL' Promos

Macklin, you son of a bitch. In case you didn't know that Chris Pratt is an awesome, funny, and delightful person...HE IS. And rather than go through the many, many examples supporting this thesis, you can just watch this extended video of all the SNL promos Chris Pratt did for his upcoming hosting of the show's 40th season premiere. He's just about the most natural person in front of the camera. The comedy that most actors strive for, as well as their work to portray a level of comfort while being filmed. Ole' Pratty's got that in spades. I mean, who else can make seven minutes of video and have all of it be charming. It's a gift. A gift from him to us. WE LOVE YOU, STARLORD!


Learn To Say 'I Am Groot' In 15 Langauges With This 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Blu-Ray Feature

Groot's pretty well-spoken for a tree person. If you fall into both the camps of "international traveler" and "huge comic book movie fan," then we've got something that will knock your socks off. This fun feature from Guardians of the Galaxy teaches you how to say Groot's most famous, and only, line in a variety of tongues. "I am Groot."  So while it won't get you any closer to finding a bathroom, or reasoning with your kidnappers, it will make you a hit with that Brazilian girl at a house party, assuming she knows who the hell Groot is. Otherwise, she'll probably just think you're weird. (Vulture)