Watch: Ashton And Demi's Head-Scratchingly Misguided PSAs

There is maybe nothing worse than watching A-list celebrities awkwardly try (and fail) to raise awareness about child sex trafficking through deadpan humor. What's worse than child sex trafficking? If you said nothing, you'd normally be right, but Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore seem to want to prove you wrong. They'v taken a stance against the practice of selling underage children into sex slavery the only way they know how: with horrifyingly misguided PSAs masquerading as "comedy" videos. Deadpan in their execution, the videos, all under the running theme of "Real Men Don't Buy Girls," feature celebrities like Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Timberlake demonstrating things real men DO know, such as how to use an iron (Sean Penn uses it to make grilled cheese!), or make a meal (Bradley Cooper pours milk into a BOX of cereal!). It's an (almost) nice thought, but the execution is so strange and smirky, you'd think they were trying to make a Napoleon Dynamite sequel instead of raise awareness about the sexual exploitation of children. If you can't get enough of the Sean Penn clip, click here to watch the Bradley Cooper spot. But really, don't. (Movieline)