Watch A Supercut Of Skeletor Berating His Henchmen

It's hard to get good help when your sole mission is to make the world a crappy place. Jeez, what a bitch.

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Jesse Pinkman Saying 'Bitch': The DEFINITIVE Supercut

The last version missed a few bitches. Back in November, YouTube user Axilrod posted a supercut of every instance where Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman says "bitch." Or so they thought. I'll let Axilrod explain: I noticed I had missed a bitch in the other bitch video, then I noticed I had missed a couple more. One I could have lived with, but 3 was too many to overlook, so I added them and cleaned the video up (I did the first one in 15 minutes). Today a wrong has been made right. Warms my heart.


Elizabeth Olsen Has A Crappy Vacation In 'Silent House' Trailer

Rest and relaxation my foot. After a few breakout hits at Sundance, everyone wants Elizabeth Olsen these days. So much so that she's being stalked all over the place. In this trailer for Silent House, her dad is completely Facebook stalking her and then to make matters worse there's someone or something inside her summer house trying to attack her. This horror film is drawing rave reviews which means it must have a gimmick. Shot on the cheap as one continuous take, Silent House is a horror tale told in real time. Which means the viewer is essentially front row center as the main character spends the film trying to escape while more and more terrifying mysteries are brought into light. The film was sold to Lionsgate for $2 million after building good buzz at Sundance. That may not seem like a lot of profit in movie terms but keep in mind, they didn't need to hire an editor.


Tom Hardy Vs. Joel Edgerton In ‘Warrior’. Place Your Bets.

I can't choose. They're both so damn likable. Tom Hardy's standout performance in Inception has made him one to watch. Even if that means watching the crap get beaten out of him. Hardy and Joel Edgerton star in Warrior, a mixed martial arts film that I dare say looks good. The two play estrange brothers competing for the same championship title, and both seem to be fighting for a good cause. Edgerton is fighting to save his family and home, while Hardy's war hero character is fighting for his country. But isn't the real enemy here the war itself? These guys should team up to pummel Dick Cheney. Seems like the only fair outcome.


SHHHHH! (It's a Whispering Supercut)

Seriously, shut up for a second. We could all use a little peace and quiet this time of year. Whether it be to pray, to enjoy the season's first snowfall, or just to spend some time hungover watching Adventure Time in your bed. So let this soothing megmix-y supercut of movie characters "shushing" and whispering to each other put your mind at ease and allow you to forget that a world exists outside these walls. At least until this goddamn hangover goes away. *awkwardly places finger on your lips* "Don't say a word." You can thank this guy for this thing.


Pixar's 'Inside Out' Trailer Attempts To Uncover Why Bitches Always Be Trippin'

Meet the voices in your head. Pixar has moved on from the secret lives of toys and anthropomorphic vehicles to take on the little voices in our head. In Inside Out, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black star as the emotions of a young girl - Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Anger. The film appears to focus on the crisis that occurs when Joy and Sadness go on a mission to recover her mind's core memories, leaving Fear, Disgust, and Anger to take the wheel. This movie may as well take place inside Charlie Sheen.


Get Wholesome With The 'Good Old Fashioned Orgy' Trailer

The secret to orgies is to offer only light finger foods so people aren't too full to bang. Learned that one the hard way. A whole mess on funny people are gettin' together, and they're all gonna bang each other in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. Why they're having the orgy isn't important. They're doing it to save a rec center or for the Red Cross, or something. What's important is that they're doing it. And if you're at all familiar with contemporary comedy, you're going to notice at least a handful of the cast. The film boasts Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Lucy Punch, Leslie Bibb, Lindsay Sloane, Tyler Labine, Lake Bell and Nick Kroll as its principals. And while I can't say I'm eager to see all of them naked, it's a pretty crack squad of comedic actors, so let's bust out the KY and just ask questions later. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy opens September 2nd.


MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Doesn’t Look Annoying/Crappy

Here we have an early look at MTV's "Teen Wolf" series, and it looks pretty good. By that, I mean it doesn't look too much like Twilight. And there are crossbows. Here we have an early look at MTV's "Teen Wolf" series, and it looks pretty good. By that, I mean it doesn't look too much like Twilight. The characters have been cast age-appropriately and nobody mumbles. Yeah, Teen Wolf looks like a Jonas Brother now and nobody surfs on a van roof. But there are crossbows. Crossbows are always awesome.