Watch A 15-Minute 'Vice' Documentary On A Man Who Eats Nothing But Cheese Pizza

Notice I said "man" and not, "picky seven-year old." If you've got 15 spare minutes and want to feel like a health nut even though your hands are covered in Cheetoh dust, I suggest you watch this Vice documentary on a 38 year-old man who doesn't eat anything but cheese pizza with extra sauce all day long. Extra sauce? What sort of picky eater are you? It warrants mentioning that if you're looking for a chuckle and an opportunity to mock the guy for having the dining habits of a four-year old, you might want to pass. He's got diabetes and denies that it's caused by his eating habits, even though that he admits that diabetes would be worth it. Kind of a bummer, actually. Anyway, if you wanted a kick in the ass to get a bowl of quinoa for lunch instead of a French dip, this is probably it.