Wall-E Exists In Real Life!!

Somebody spent five years building this. Congratulations on that. We've known for a while now that Russell from Up actually exists but today comes news that a "pretty enough" remote control replica of Wall-E has been built by the fine geeks of Bakersfield, CA. And apparently, it was a real bitch to build as it took five years to create from scratch. That's all well and good. Now use it to teach us all love!!

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'Goon' Trailer Teaches Us Hockey Is About Fighting And Little Else

Seann William Scott vs. Liev Schreiber. It's like the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, except no one asked for it. Judging by its trailer, the hockey comedy Goon looks to be a strange film. It's got all the hallmarks of comedy (slapstick, Stifler, Eugene Levy), but it doesn't appear to be funny. In its defense, it's not clear that the film is trying to be funny, either. What is it about hockey comedies that aren't funny? Slap Shot, Mystery, Alaska, and now this film. In any event, Goon tells the story of bouncer Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott), who plays hockey as an enforcer, ruling the roost until he gets called up to the next league, where he's outclassed by the like of Liev Schreiber's Ross Rhea. They also drink a lot, and he sleeps with a girl that looks an awful lot like Zooey Deschanel, but isn't. This is a hard movie to peg. Check out the trailer and see if you can do a better job than I can.


The Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit for 40 Years - THE MOVIE

They'll adapt anything these days. Dale Irby was a gym teacher at a Dallas school for 40 years. He wore comfortable clothes normally but needed something presentable for Picture Day so he chose a shirt and vest. Then, he accidentally chose the same outfit the next year. At first, he was embarrassed. But his wife dared him to do it again so he did. Then he kept doing it. And doing it. AND DOING IT for his entire teaching career. This, is the trailer of the movie of his epic life.


'Captain Planet' Trailer Looks Serious Enough To Be Real

He's blue as shit. Remember Captain Planet? The blue guy who would probably be asking you to sign a petition outside of Whole Foods if he wasn't a superhero? Well, an enthusiastic fan put together not only a pretty funny origin story, but a spot-on send-up of the superhero genre. And while the effects aren't quite Avatar quality, they're better than anything you've ever done, so just shut up, ok? Considering this was a labor of love, the production values were actually quite high, and the screeching rock song in the background goes a long way to sell the grittiness. So jump on board with Captain Planet. You silly Planeteers.


New Trailer Explains Why Madea Exists

I've always been puzzled as to how Madea is a thing. This new trailer for 'Madea's Big Happy Family' answers that question. Note: the answer doesn't give the closure you want. Herllo!! This new trailer for Madea's Big Happy Family finally reveals why this hammer-wielding cross-dresser exists in the first place. It's because of people who enjoy stupidity. Do with that information what you will. This trailer looks like the film is an adaptation of daytime television. All of it. That six hour block of television that gives you a headache and the desire to die on weekday afternoons has been boiled down and shot with a more expensive camera. Not sure how Madea fits into all of this or what her antics will be this time, but I have a strong feeling it will require she takes off her earrings.


'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer Might Teach Us Where All These Damn Hipsters Came From

It's about folk music, which is a little boring, but it's directed by the Coen Brothers, who aren't. The Coen Brothers have a knack for being among the best pure storytellers in film, so whether or not they're making a biopic on Kim Kardashian, or a film about mutant killer sharks, you can bet it's going to suck you in. Which is good, because a big portion of our readership probably doesn't have profound connections to the Greenwich folk scene, so we can use all the help we can get in caring for those underemployed troubadours. But if anyone can make us care about these guys, it's the Coen Brothers.


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60 Years In The Making: 'The Honeymoaners'

If only my grandma could have lived to see this. A few weeks back, I complained about the trailer for The Graduate XXX porn parody, claiming that the adult entertainment industry had officially run out of parody ideas. Well, perhaps I was a little too quick to judge, because we now have The Honeymoaners, a parody of the beloved 50's sitcom, The Honeymooners. I'm not sure a lot of 18-to-25-year-old guys (OK, let's be honest, 12-to-25-year-old guys) even know about The Honeymooners, which calls into question why anyone would parody it. But that fact aside, at least The Honeymooners lends itself to a funny name, and that's all a successful porn parody really needs! Well, that and some hot chicks, I suppose. This film even works in a porn parody of a classic 50's game show (The $69,000 question). Now that's dedication. In “The Honeymoaners,” Ralph Kramden, everybody’s favorite loveable loser, finally gets his chance to change his luck as a contestant on the television quiz show, "The $69,000 Question.” After overhearing the category of questions to test his knowledge, Ralph turns to his best friend Norton to teach him everything he knows about SEX! Together the boisterous big guy and sex-witted sidekick study their local horny hookers, slutty neighbor, and even their wild wives, Alice and Trixie. Ralph may finally hit the jackpot… or he may be left holding his own buzzer. I can't believe they didn't make a "pow, right the kisser joke," but I guess Family Guy beat them to it.


Matthew McCounaughey To Frustrate Us With Two More Lincoln Ads On New Year's Day

He could show up at my door, carry me to the dealership, and I still wouldn't buy a Lincoln. Matthew McConaughey's first Lincoln ads caused a bit of a blip on the pop culture radar, getting spoofed by South Park, SNL, and all your friends who do really shitty Matthew McConaughey impressions. Operating under the assumption that no press is bad press, Lincoln's dropping two more ads on us. On New Year's Day. When they know we'll be too hungover to get up and change the channel. A sample quote from one of the new ads: "You gotta find that balance where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself." "This steering wheel is a flat circle." (I made the second one up, but the first one is real.) The top video is ridiculous conventionally, but the second one (below) is a head scratcher. He's clearly waiting in a diner to buy either a handgun or cocaine when he gets a revelation. HOW IS LINCOLN RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT?