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Links Away: John Stamos Teaches You How To Cuddle

The man is an expert. Take notes.

Links like to cuddle, too:

Ruben Fleischer On Missions Impossible 4 (MovieLine)

Meet Mariam From Austana (BarstoolSports)

Sticky Nips FTW (HolyTaco)

Bill Murray vs Betty White (FilmDrunk)

Mila Kunis Plays With Herself (CelebJihad)

Epic Post Apocalyptic Vehicle (Unreality)

How The Bathroom Trumped The Bedroom (Moviefone)

Why You Shouldn’t Time Travel (Smosh)

Best BBQ Joints Ever (Ranker)

Ukrainian Hockey Fight (BroBible)

Jessica Chastain Hotness (Maxim)

Remember Beverly Hills, 90210? (Pajiba)

The Worst Movie Schools Out There (NextMovie)

Epic One Armed Handstand Kick (CagePotato)

Meet Shaqs Pint Sized Girlfriend (MadeMan)

Epic Minecraft Mods (Gamefront)

TBS Cancels George Lopez!?!? (TuVez)


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