Video: Ivan Reitman Refuses To Ban Ashton Kutcher From Potential 'Ghostbusters 3'

Hypothetically casting a hypothetical movie. Rumors of Ghostbusters 3 have been as persistent as rumors about the existence of actual ghosts. And now there's evidence for an even scarier notion: Ashton Kutcher playing one of the leads. The horrifying rumor came to light during promotion of Kutcher's latest romantic comedy No Strings Attached, which was also directed by Reitman (sigh). During a press junket interview, Reitman was asked about whether there would be a sequel to the universally beloved Ghostbusters 2, and whether it would be possible that Kutcher (who was sitting next to Reitman at the time) could have a role in the movie. After implying that Bill Murray is dragging his feet on the project, Reitman replied by saying his casting was "absolutely possible." OK, so maybe he was just being polite. Reitman would have done the same for Rick Moranis. (via The AV Club)