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‘Vaginal Hubris’ Music Video

The NFL. Sure, it has its merits. But up until a short while ago, it was still a passive experience. Then along comes Fantasy Football. And, lo and behold, with it came a reason to tune into every single NFL game from every week, because the outcome of every play meant – and probably still means – the possibility of whipping shit on your friend for your obvious superiority in selecting the most chemically perfect formula of football players who are clearly executing the specific plan that you personally have designed for them. It’s like rocket science… but with heart and concussions. 


And as the years have gone by, you’ve likely said to yourself why haven’t I documented the exploits of "The Sunday Afternoon Beer Sh*ts?"  (or whatever your fantasy league is called). Because dammit, there’s so much gravitas and drama and smack-talking and just allweek in and week out. 


Well tell your inner sports commissioner/network executive to rest easy, because this Thursday comes "The League." And with it comes a reason to watch FX every Thursday night after "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia."  If you don’t know "The League" is a TV show about a Fantasy Football League, and stars comedian Jon Lajoie (see above clip), as well as Paul Scheer ("Human Giant"), Nick Kroll ("Cavemen," "The Ed Hardy Boyz"), Mark Duplass (The Puffy ChairHumpday) and Katie Aselton.   


What does this have to do with Vaginal Hubris, about which Lajoie waxes lyrical in the clip above? No idea. You’ll have to watch this Thursday @ 10:30pm ET/PT to find out, I guess. You may learn something. 


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  1. October 28, 2009 10:00 am


    Seriously, guys? This post is an ad. You clearly think “The League” Thursdays on FX at 10:30 ET/PT is going to suck as much as everyone else does.

    Side note, this show looks HORRIBLE. Nice Samberg impression– way to GO VIRAL. Oho– he’s white, but he’s rapping about something pedestrian! What a hilarious paradigm shift. Here’s my fantasy pick: “The League” goes on injury after the pilot and doesn’t produce enough episodes to fill a $5 one-disc ‘complete series’ DVD for the bargain bin @ Best Buy.

  2. October 28, 2009 10:00 am


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