Universal Studios (Orlando) Adds A Duff Beer Garden And Lard Lad Donuts To Its Roster Of 'Simpsons' Eateries

The best thing in Florida since Limp Bizkit left. In case Luigi's Pizza, Krusty Burger, and Moe's Tavern aren't enough to satisfy your whimsical, fictional tastes while trolling around with the masses in Orlando, you can now open your refined palate to donuts and beer. Like a Rockefeller. The collection of eateries/drinkeries is known as Simpson Fast Food Boulevard, and it's a place I'm dying to see, and would undoubtedly be a place I would be dying to leave after about four minutes. Take a look!

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Orlando Bloom Seems Super Drunk

America, nay, Planet Earth, I hope you're ready to get lost in Orlando Bloom's eyes all over again. America, nay, Planet Earth, I hope you're ready to get lost in Orlando Bloom's eyes all over again. "Entertainment Tonight" stopped by the set of that Paul W.S. Anderson version The Three Musketeers that I can't imagine anybody will want to go see (which, of course, means it will be the hugest hit and everyone except me will start wearing those queer floppy hats with the big feathers sticking out) to listen to Orlando Bloom act really, really high. Not to compliment his acting, but I can't tell if he's faking it or not. He's either doing an imitation of Captain Jack Sparrow or turning into Joaquin Phoenix. Or did he have a stroke? Whichever is the case, it's pretty sad. The Orlando Bloom Beard Watch begins...... now.


Links Away: The Simpsons Get Vocal

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'Mythbusters' Investigate Whether Or Not Homer Simpson Should Be Dead

It's science. When Mythbusters returns tomorrow, they'll be asking the hard questions. Like, is it physically possible for Homer Simpson to still be alive after being hit by a 5,000-lb. wrecking ball? Or, could Skinner's mother survive sitting on an exploding toilet, and would her ass be permanently dyed blue? These are two scenarios that the animated show presented to us and we readily accepted as truth. Tomorrow night, prepare to have your world rocked.


This Supercut Of Bruce Wayne's Parents Dying Over And Over Is Pretty Fun

OMG! Don't make me pick one. I love them all! Batman's been made and remade likely dozens of times in different iterations. Video games, cartoons, TV shows, and movies have all made a meal out of poor Bruce Wayne's suffering. And now it's our turn. supercut.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Vulture put together a supercut that allows us to enjoy every murder of Bruce's parents all at once. No more staggering them! Vulture understands how busy we are. And so do we. So, without further ado, kick back, and enjoy the many, many murders of Bruce Wayne's parents that drove him to a life of unfulfilling vigilanteism.


Get Your Nick Offerman Fix With The 'Me And Earl And The Dying Girl'

I feel like they should have put commas in that title. Coming back from Sundance with both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award, there's been a lot of hype around Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. First, we had the cast of Thomas Mann, Olivia Cook, RJ Cyler, Nick Offerman, Connie Britton, Jon Bernthal, and Molly Shannon. That's a good lineup. Then we had the subject matter, teens befriending each other in the face of their own mortality. That'll get some attention. And now, we've got a trailer. Here's that trailer: Come for the subject matter, stay for the fancy camera tricks. (Collider)


Jason Momoa Talks About 'Conan', 'Expendables', And Beer

Momoa sounds a little cocky. You'd be cocky too if you were Conan. Superficially, Jason Momoa sounds like a real privileged jerk during his Q&A at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Note the "sounds like." For a muscular dude, recently greeted with success, it's easy to dismiss his fame as the result of dumb luck and...maybe dumb person. However, in context, his self-aggrandizing proclamations aren't only legit, but they're somewhat endearing. The guys wants little more than to enjoy his success (He's the first one to ridicule the fact that he was on Baywatch. Cause if he didn't, we would), and to drink two buckets of beer in Austin before staying up all night and catching a flight to New York for more junkets for Conan. Perhaps if this was a higher quality video, it would resonate more. But the fact remains that the guy caught a wave of luck recently, playing a (rather) silent giant in Game of Thrones, and now headlining a potential franchise as Conan. If you're not a fan of the genre or his "acting," it's understandable. But don't fault the guy for playing it too cool while riding a wave of success. Sure. We all hate this type of guy. But if you're will to invest $11 in Conan, or an hour in an episode of Game of Thrones, reserve judgment on the guy that manges to entertain, no matter how big his muscles are, or how long his hair is. In the interest of full disclosure, all SJ employees agree - his hair is too long, and his muscles too big. (Editor's Note: The editor fears Jason Monmoa, and thinks he should wear his hair any way he wants.)


Conan O'Brien Performs 'The Simpsons' Monorail Song Live At Hollywood Bowl

Why? Because life is nice sometimes. Adding more support to the argument that The Simpsons is enjoying a late-life resurgence, the series just completed a three-day run at The Hollywood Bowl, showcasing all its best musical numbers with an all-star cast of Simpsons voice talent and creators. And what would that showcase be without "The Monorail Song?" Not much. And what would "The Monorail Song" be without writer Conan O'Brien? Not much, either. The song was originally performed by Phil Hartman, who was murdered 16 years ago, so Conan took it upon himself to perform the song that he wrote. There's also some fun banter about how the song has been the bane of Conan's public existence. I could go into further detail, but just watch the awesome video.


PATRICK SWAYZE LIVES...In This Vintage Disco-Themed PBR Ad

The Cherokee say that as long as you remember a man in a horribly-dated alcohol commercial, he's never truly gone. The Cherokee say that as long as you remember a man in a horribly-dated alcohol commercial, he's never truly gone. If that's true, friends and family of the late Patrick Swayze can take solace in the fact that the beloved star of Road House will live on forever, or at least until YouTube pulls down this commercial for copyright violations. You have to give "The Swayze" credit. The man was the king of pre-irony. Who else had the foresight to attach themselves to both Road House and PBR? Hipsters should put up a statue of his likeness in Greenwich Village.