Two Stuntwomen Recreated The Epic 'Chicken Fight' From 'Family Guy'

It's better with women. We post a lot of goofy, silly videos up on this site. This is not one of them. These two women scared up $2,800 and put this thing together, going at it like mortal enemies over an expired coupon or something. Bonus points for the Peter Griffin outfit. Nice touch.

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R.I.P. Lisa Robin Kelly

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This Guy Might Be The Actual, Real-Life Peter Griffin

A pretty dubious distinction, but cool nonetheless. So this is a dude in suburban PA who is doing a bit of stand-up to warm a modest crowd up for a costume contest. Not exactly newsworthy, right? Except this guy looks and acts EXACTLY like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. And his jokes actually aren't half-bad provided you can withstand the predictable barrage of Family Guy references (which, honestly, I can't). Now that this is off our list, we can go find an actual Cleveland to antagonize.


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'Dumber And Dumber' Gets Edited Into A Touching Drama

In a world where two men, driving a sheepdog, leave everything they've ever known in pursuit of love... If you thought that Dumb and Dumber was a good film, but would have stood to drop some of that goofy nonsense and play it straight, we've got a trailer for you, weirdo. Someone (we'll just call them "the Internet") recut scenes from the famous Farrelly Brothers comedy to make it appear as though it's closer to Terms of Endearment than Ace Ventura.


A Couple Of Fartknockers Scared Their Friend With A 'Paranormal Activity' Prank

Your friends should always live in fear. It's Halloween time which means we should all be scaring the shit out of each other constantly. If your friends aren't living in fear, you're doing it wrong. Be more like these guys who invited a friend to their well-appointed apartment in order to try and give him a heart attack. They might not have sent him to the hospital, but he still seemed pretty scared. A for effort, guys.


'Paddington' Trailer Light On The Scares This Time

Ooooohhhh..... It's for kids. October is the month to sink into movie theater chairs and watch disturbing images of the macabre from behind our fingers. In keeping with this spirit, we have the full trailer for Paddington. Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as the voice of the bear with the remorseless, glass eyes in this fun romp for the entire family. Here Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville plays the British version of Charles Grodin's character from Beethoven, when a ragamuffin bear house guest turns his life and home upside down. Despite revealing all the major events of the film in this trailer, it's looks like perfectly suitable holiday entertainment and not the horrific psychological thriller it was originally perceived to be. Though, you can expect a horror recut of this trailer in... 5... 4... 3...


'Poltergeist' Remake Trailer: Sam Raimi Knows What Scares You

They moved the stones, but left the bodies. AGAIN. To attempt a remake of Poltergeist, you have to be fearless. The original is a classic that defined the genre and the time. Can you top the original? Can you at least live up to the original? If so, how? You can by adding Sam Raimi. The first trailer for the Ghost House Pictures update takes the iconic scares from the original and adds the extra oomph you need to terrify today's audiences. Don't be thrown by the PG-13 rating. The original was rated PG and is still widely regarded as one of the scariest films ever made. Poltergeist will be creating a new generation of bed-wetters on July 24th.


Weep Joyfully At Pixar’s ‘Up’ Recreated Using 1960s Movie Clips

Spencer Tracy plays Carl Fredricksen, complete with giant hipster old person glasses, in this expertly-done recreation of the 'Up' trailer story using live action film footage. Here's the internet mashup that'll make you cry. Well, it'll make you cry if you remember watching the original Up, and I don't think there was a dry pair of 3D glasses in the theater I was in after Ellie kicks the bucket. From Ivan Guerrero, the maker of "Ghostbusters Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips" and "Empire Strikes Back Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips" comes, wait for it, "Up Trailer Recreated Using Old Movie Clips." Spencer Tracy plays Carl Fredricksen, complete with giant hipster old person glasses, in this expertly-done "premake" of Pixar's story using live action film footage. They even managed to find a solid look-alike for Kevin the Freaky-Ass Looking Bird. Next, someone will probably swede Guerrero's remake trailers, and after that, the universe collapses in on itself. (Vulture)


The Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit for 40 Years - THE MOVIE

They'll adapt anything these days. Dale Irby was a gym teacher at a Dallas school for 40 years. He wore comfortable clothes normally but needed something presentable for Picture Day so he chose a shirt and vest. Then, he accidentally chose the same outfit the next year. At first, he was embarrassed. But his wife dared him to do it again so he did. Then he kept doing it. And doing it. AND DOING IT for his entire teaching career. This, is the trailer of the movie of his epic life.