Two Strangers Begin Seeing Each Other In Joss Whedon's 'In Your Eyes' Trailer

'Sleepless in Seattle' meets 'Scanners'. While Joss Whedon has been busy filming gods hitting robots with hammers, Brin Hill has taken directing duties on his supernatural love story In Your Eyes. The story focuses on two strangers who live inside each others brains. Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David play the mentally-linked opposites whose psychic connection blossoms into love even though it would be so weird to act physically on the attraction. Ewwwww.

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Watch Oprah Milk Tears Out Of Pharrell's Eyes

"Why'm I crying on Oprah?" Oprah sat down with Pharrell to seemingly interview him about his career in music, but her secret motive was to harvest his tears for use in various potions. Oprah shows Pharrell a supercut of people around the world making their own videos to his song "Happy," and the result causes him to mist up. That's when she drops the hammer by mentioning his deceased grandmother. That's some expert tear-jerking, Oprah. Now all you need is a dragon scale and a child's love and you'll rule all the kingdoms. Seeing Pharrell this overcome makes me want to give him a pass for writing one of the more infectious and grating songs in recorded history. I ain't even mad. Though, I do find it disingenuous that man who loves hats so much should sing about a room without a roof.


Joss Whedon Shows His Support For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney might not approve this message. Celebrities are weighing in with their endorsements of the candidates. Last week, Lena Dunham starred in a spot from the Obama campaign but Mitt Romney will not be outdone. And so, another breakout star of the summer has stepped forward to endorse the candidate. Joss Whedon released this video explaining why he has turned his back on the president in favor of Gov. Romney. He's really the only candidate whose cold attitude and shortsighted policies can usher in the zombie apocalypse. As Whedon points out, "[Mitt's] not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans because that's how he sees poor people already." That's really the type of leader we need when Hell is full and the dead walk the Earth.


Cristoph Waltz, Tim Burton, And Amy Adams All Got Together To Get Us The 'Big Eyes' Trailer

It's regular people. TIM BURTON IS USING REGULAR PEOPLE! Did you ever think you'd see the day that Tim Burton released an original film about PEOPLE that didn't feature his wife or Johnny Depp? I know. It seems crazy to me, too, but this trailer for Big Eyes is proof. The film is based in reality, following Margaret Keane and her husband Walter (Adams and Waltz) as they hawked their large-eyed paintings of children to just about everyone who would buy them. And in doing so, started an adorable little San Francisco movement. The film seems pretty sweet, and is a welcome departure for Burton, who needs to come around to the fact that not every cinematic issue can be solved with pancake makeup.


Watch Joel McHale's Eyes Fill With Dollar Signs In 'Spy Kids 4' Trailer

When one thinks of family-friendly romps, one thinks of Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven, and Danny Trejo. If you're stoked about Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, chances are there is an adult reading this article to you right now. However, morbid curiosity might compel non-children to wonder why Joel McHale is taking such a detour from a promising career path to act in the fourth installment of a kid's movie franchise. While McHale is the most surprising participant, the film also boasts a few more actors that might leave their fans scratching their heads. We get Jeremy Piven as the bad guy here, though I don't think nearly as many will be surprised to find him slumming it in this type of film. We've also got Ricky Gervais and Robert Rodriguez fixtures Danny Trejo and Antonio Banderas in the mix. Granted, this is the first Spy Kids film in eight years, so there might be some killer script that has A-listers clamoring to get involved, but, based on the trailer, that's not the case. The most likely explanation is a Bowfinger-type scenario where Rodriguez got all the stars to act unwittingly, then tossed them in front of a green screen. The technology's there, people.


‘Transformers 3' Teaser Trailer Will Open Your Eyes, Man!

The conspiracy is out! The teaser trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon has landed (puuuuuuunriffic!) We get a nice moody build-up, but the basic gist is astronauts exploring the moon find an alien life form. I have a feeling Shia LaBeouf then comes in and saves the day. The conspiracy is out! The teaser trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon has landed (puuuuuuun-riffic!) We get a nice moody build-up, but the basic gist is astronauts exploring the moon find an alien life form. I have a feeling Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese then come in and save the day, but they don't show that part yet. Way to keep us in suspense, Bay! You could have at least teased some bare Rosie shoulder.


See Video Of Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Being Made Before Your Very Eyes

It's a great way for you to check up on 'The Hobbit', to make sure everything's going OK. There are two types of movie fans - those who just go to movies as they come out, and those who enjoy immersing themselves in the minutiae of production, AKA people who would want to watch production videos from the set of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. If you're of the latter group, then you probably want to watch the above video, which is only the first of what will presumably be a regularly updated series, perfect for the kind of OCD movie fans Jackson caters to. If not, you can go read about something else. This is a judgment-free zone.


WonderCon: Four Minutes Of ‘Green Lantern’ For Your Eyes

Are we feeling more positive about this film now? Since not all of us are lucky enough to spend this weekend in a convention center in San Francisco, Warner Bros. has released four minutes of Green Lantern footage that screened for the WonderCon crowd. Everyone seems to be feeling more positive about the film after witnessing something beyond the first craptastic trailer. What say you? Are you now down with the Lantern and his blingy jewelry?