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Twihards Rejoice For Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction’ Trailer

If you aren’t crying with joy and squealing while watching this trailer for Taylor Lautner‘s Abduction, they will kick you out of Team Jacob. I assume for most Screen Junkies readers, that would be heartbreaking.

Twilight‘s Lautner stars in Abduction, directed by John Singleton, about high school kid who finds out that his parents aren’t really his parents, and then explosions. Suddenly, Lautner is getting tracked down by secret agents and other bad guys who cannot be trusted. But who can be trusted, you guys? All I know is, I hope I never discover that my parents are fakes, so I won’t have to jump off buildings and dodge gunfire. I assume that’s standard protocol.

I do like the company Lautner’s keeping these days, with hot Lily Collins by his side and forever classy Sigourney Weaver to watch his back. Maybe his parents are aliens? Those bitches.

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