Tupac and Tony Danza Were Besties

Whose next? Ol Dirty and John Ritter? Rest in peace, Tupac Shakur. Everybody misses you. Especially Tony Danza. (via Warming Glow)

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Jim Retires ‘Warm’ Apple Pie

Vigara and Warm Apple Pie... I knew the cast of American Pie had aged, but my god, Jason Biggs has really let himself go. In honor of the release of American Reunion, which hits theaters April 6th, we've put together this reenactment of the original film's most famous scene. Only instead of an awkward teenager going to town on an apple pie, there's an old man humping away on the titular dessert. I hope you like old-man ass, cause this clip's got it in spades. Bonus points for the extremely elderly Eugene Levy stand in.


'Warm Bodies' Trailer: Zombies Need Loving Too

The zombie genre gets reinvented for the better. I consider myself a zombie purist. They are shuffling, rotting, undead husks. They don't run. They don't climb. And they don't roll on Shabbos. But can they love? Yes, apparently. That's the questioned asked in this trailer for Warm Bodies which seems like a charming and inventive addition to the genre. This does for zombies what Edward Scissorhands did for freaky scissor-handed people. It's not the groanworthy Twilight-ification that we all expected. Just total fun and has John Malkovich and an undead Rob Corddry in addition to Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles of zombie and the girl who inspires his heart to beat again. Hate on it if you have to, but at least they aren't fast zombies.


Rainn Wilson Plays The Ole' 'Quirky, Misanthropic Savant' In Fox's 'Backstrom' Trailer

It's about time someone played that sort of character. Rainn Wilson has been more or less quiet since walking away from the role of Dwight, killing all those spinoff rumors. But now he's back. And, thanks to the braintrust behind Bones, he's playing a pretty cliche character in Backstrom. Yay! He's genius detective who drinks, smokes, and plays by his own rules! Just like every other detective on TV these days. However, this is Rainn Wilson, and Rainn Wilson is funnier than most of the other actors on TV, so hopefully, this can outperform what it is on paper and really do him some justice. But, judging by the trailer...maybe not?


Honest Trailers - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

"Man of Steel" may look awesome - but let's not forget where Superman came from... "Man of Steel" may look awesome - but let's not forget where Superman came from... In honor of Superman's return we opened the Honest Trailer Vault to revisit the horrible atrocity that is Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. This 1987 sequel was so bad, it killed the Superman franchise for 19 years!


'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Teaser: We've Missed You, Bryan Singer

Nails it. What a difference a director who knows what the f*ck he's doing makes. In just two minutes and eighteen seconds, Bryan Singer has managed to wash the bad taste of X-Men 3, Wolverine: Origins, and 65% of X-Men: First Class out of our mouths. Though I'm sure the final film will barely match the somber tone of this trailer, it plays exactly the right notes. In a bit of a switch-up from the comics storyline, a future version of Wolverine has his consciousness warped back to his 1970's body in order to warn young Professor X and young Magneto about the danger that awaits them and all of mutantkind in the form of Peter Dinklage's sentinels. It's a really interesting direction to take after the light and fun First Class. I'm really digging young Xavier's struggle now that he's confined to a wheelchair and not able to use telekinesis to nail young, hot ass. Just imagine how dude's going to take it when he finds out he goes bald.


Piers Morgan Really Misses Patrice O'Neal

She seemed like a nice lady. Piers Morgan is really broken up about the death of comedian Patrice O'Neal. While interviewing Dane Cook last night he acknowledged that "it's been a sad day for comedy." He went on to comment that O'Neal was very funny before dropping a bombshell that could only come from CNN. I hope you're sitting down. Patrice O'Neal was actually a woman. Before jumping to a clip of the late seemingly-male comic, Morgan provided some background. "She died of a stroke today. I want to take a quick look at Patrice on Jimmy Fallon, to remind everyone just how funny she was." Wow. She really hid her secret well. (Gawker)