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‘True Blood’ Tease Builds Expectations; ‘Game Of Thrones’ Looks Like A Queen Video

True Blood- Season 4 Tease (HBO) – Watch more Funny Videos
Courtney Love can finally afford that Cuisinart she’s had her eye on. That’s Hole’s”Season Of The Witch” playing beneath the new teaser for True Blood“ season four, which doesn’t give us anything we didn’t already know. It’s more of an effort to pump excitement for the creative direction of the oncoming season. I say, bring on the witches (I hear witches like to get naked a lot).

Game Of Thrones Throne Tease (HBO) – Watch more Funny Videos
The teaser for “Game Of Thrones” takes things to an artier direction by plunking the cast down to soliloquize on a pretty gnarly looking throne. Look at all those swords! I bet Danzig has one of those. Or at least he will have one by the time the show premieres on April 17th. There’s no official word yet on when “True Blood” will return.

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