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‘True Blood’ Season 4 Preview Features Dazed Shirtless Dude

Here’s a new preview from the upcoming season four of HBO’s strange series “True Blood,” featuring Alexander Skarsgard (Generation Kill) as vampire Eric Northman. The video says he’s “dazed,” but really Eric is just pretending to be cool while girls ogle his shirtlessness via the YouTube. Yeah, whatever guy.

True Blood” fans get really upset when you confuse their beloved sexy vampire show with Twilight. Yet not only are they both about sexy vampires, but they also both seem to prominently feature ripped shirtless guys. I guess that’s the one thing all the fangirls can agree on, before the Team Edwarders call the Bloodheads “whores” and the Truehards call the Twihards “prissy little emo wannabes.” Settle down, goth ladies.

True Blood” Season Four swoops onto your TV this summer. (Vulture)

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