Tuesday, November 9 by

‘Tron Legacy’ Trailer #3 Seals the Deal

It’s Tron Tuesday again! That means more Tron Legacy stuff. If for some reason you weren’t itching to see Tron Legacy before, this third trailer should spark your interest. Unless you’re vehemently opposed to awesomeness.

Normally I’d protest that Disney is showing too much, but I have a feeling this is only a small taste of what’s to come. Having got the chance to see 3D footage already, I can guarantee you the neon lights and derezing is even cooler when it’s directly in front of your face. The same goes for Olivia Wilde. If only you could reach out and touch her… Can’t James Cameron and Disney combine their forces to invent that technology? Olivia-Wilde-vision. Ten years from now you’ll spend your kids’ food money to experience it.

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