Trolls Are Larger Than Life In 'Troll Hunter' Trailer

They're like Cloverfields that you kind of want to hug. Magnet has debuted a U.S. trailer for Troll Hunter, so now the Norwegians have nothing to lord over us anymore. That's right, Sven. You and your subtitles are powerless here now!! Anyhow, the film is making festival rounds now and follows a group of college film-makers as they venture into the Norwegian woods in search of trolls. Seems like a lot of trouble when you can find plenty in's comments section at any given moment.

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The Man Comes Around In 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Trailer

He's got my vote. And I heard as it were. the noise of thunder. And I looked and behold, it was Death saying, "Come and see." And I saw. And Hell followed him. In other words, vampires of the south have been put on notice because now we have the first action-packed trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Give it a watch. I dare you to find any scenes that don't look incredibly awesome. Bravo to Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov, and Seth Grahame-Smith.


Trailer for ‘A Somewhat Gentle Man’ Looks Norwegian, Really Good

I'm not the type of pretentious ass who combs the Internet looking for European movies in order to backhandedly mock American films. OK, today I am, but normally, I'm not. It's just a slow, slow morning for news, and this trailer looks bad ass, so take a look. I could sit here and pretend to care about the fact that Wrath of the Titans (Clash of the Titans 2) will premiere on March 30, 2012. But honestly, I don't. So instead, I give you this awesome trailer for A Somewhat Gentle Man, a Swedish Norwegian film starring Stellan Skarsgård that looks really cool. Look, I'm not the type of pretentious ass who combs the Internet looking for European movies in order to backhandedly mock American films. OK, toda I am, but normally, I'm not.  It's just a slow, slow morning for news, and this trailer looks bad ass, so take a look. It's got a midget dwarf little person selling guns, and everything! (Movie Line) Editor's Note: I originally had the film labeled as Swedish. I blame Movie Line for the bad info. Bad, Movie Line! Very bad, Movie Line!


'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' Trailer Hunts The Eff Out Of Some Witches

The hottest film of March 2012 now has a trailer. The hottest film of March 2012, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, finally has a trailer. But don't hold it against it. The tongue-in-cheek fairy-tale action film starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, has been pushed back to come on the heels of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's flop at the box office (even though it's awesome), which I can't imagine will help this film's chances. Then again, it has Jeremy Renner in it playing with Van Helsing's guns, Gemma Arterton in a leather catsuit, and witches getting their heads chopped off. If you expect more than that from a film, brother, this is where we part ways.


Heads Roll In 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Red Band Trailer

You guys are going to go see this, right? Some might be turned off by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on principal alone. Dismissing it as gimmick that doesn't warrant their time or attention. Perhaps it is a gimmick, but I would like to offer the counter-point, ABRAHAM LINCOLN BEHEADS A FLEEING VAMPIRE WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO LOOK AT IT. I'm sorry. I'm nervous. After Cowboys & Aliens pooped its rucksack, I'm not sure there's an audience for something as far out as this. So let's band together as a nation and watch it so Hollywood keeps giving money to clever and creative fare. I'm sick of England getting all the cool stuff.


Kisses and Hugs Galore In 'Blue Valentine' Teaser Trailer

Those zan Brothers Weinstein have dropped the trailer for Blue Valentine. Awww, it looks sweet, but also equally heartbreaking. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship full of kisses and hugs that turn into tears and shoves. I didn't get the opportunity to see this film at Sundance but I hear it's impressive and moving from an acting standpoint. Hell, Ryan Gosling made me feel sorry for a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl so he's probably even better with a girl with a pulse. Furthermore, the MPAA just slapped the film with a NC-17 rating. I can only imagine it was for "sexual situations" but could it possibly be worse than Boogie Nights? Dude pulls his wee wee out at the end of that. Blue Valentine hopefully runs in theaters December 26, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump... Blue Valentine -- Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


'Entourage' Trailer: Dream Large, Yacht Larger

Whatever that means. For years, we've said we that we don't need an Entourage movie. But the producer and cast insisted that we do. Now we know why this story couldn't be contained within the eight seasons of the show and why it was so important they get a film budget. Because HBO didn't want to pay for all these yachts. This movie looks like it has more boat scenes than Amistad. Anyway, the film picks up with Ari as head of a studio and Vince insisting he get his break as a director. As always, that leads to girls in bikinis, worries about the film failing, Turtle getting slapped around by a mixed martial artist, and probably everything working out great in the end. Let's just go ahead and greenlight the sequel now.


Trollgate '11: Jon Cryer Outs Himself As "Troll" To Conan

If you've seen Jon Cryer under a bridge, it's not cause he's hiding from a crazed Charlie Sheen. Here's Cryer's video confession. If you've ever watched "Two and a Half Men" and thought you saw some long pink hairs popping out of Jon Cryer's head, now you know there was nothing wrong with your TV set. Except for the fact that you were watching "Two and a Half Men." Jon Cryer told Conan O'Brien on a new "Conan" that, like Charlie Sheen said/blurted/gibberished, he really is a troll. Of course, in a later interview, Sheen quasi-took back the insult, but now it's time for Cryer to come clean: "The truth is that there's not a lot of tolerance for people like me, especially in Hollywood," he quipped. "To avoid ignorance and bullying, I've had to hide the fact that I'm a troll. You have no idea how much time and money I've spent on electrolysis and hair dye and reconstructive surgery so I can look like this [pointing to himself], instead of this," he said as a image of a Cryer with pink Troll doll hair and eyes flashed on the screen. So Cryer finally admitted he was gay. Good for him. Oh wait, he said "troll" and it's all just a talk show goofaround? Nevermind... You can watch a clip above. For more, there's a longer version at Hollywood Reporter.