Trollgate '11: Jon Cryer Outs Himself As "Troll" To Conan

If you've seen Jon Cryer under a bridge, it's not cause he's hiding from a crazed Charlie Sheen. Here's Cryer's video confession.
If you've ever watched "Two and a Half Men" and thought you saw some long pink hairs popping out of Jon Cryer's head, now you know there was nothing wrong with your TV set. Except for the fact that you were watching "Two and a Half Men." Jon Cryer told Conan O'Brien on a new "Conan" that, like Charlie Sheen said/blurted/gibberished, he really is a troll. Of course, in a later interview, Sheen quasi-took back the insult, but now it's time for Cryer to come clean:
"The truth is that there's not a lot of tolerance for people like me, especially in Hollywood," he quipped. "To avoid ignorance and bullying, I've had to hide the fact that I'm a troll. You have no idea how much time and money I've spent on electrolysis and hair dye and reconstructive surgery so I can look like this [pointing to himself], instead of this," he said as a image of a Cryer with pink Troll doll hair and eyes flashed on the screen.
So Cryer finally admitted he was gay. Good for him. Oh wait, he said "troll" and it's all just a talk show goofaround? Nevermind... You can watch a clip above. For more, there's a longer version at Hollywood Reporter.

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