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Tricky ‘Jeopardy’ Questions Forestall Inevitable Robot Apocalypse

Remember Deep Blue, the computer that whooped some serious human ass in chess? After that, it seemed like our Matrix future was a foregone conclusion. Then The Matrix sequels sucked and years later, a computer is only doing okay at “Jeopardy.”

IBM’s artificial intelligence software Watson will continue to compete on “Jeopardy” this week, in the form of a creepy computer. Walking computer encyclopedias Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, two “Jeopardy” legends in the mighty Battlefield of Trivaland, are so far holding strong against the knowbot. Watson answered one question with “What is leg?,” which made it look like a total asshole.

So far, at the end of day one of three, Watson is tied for the lead with Rutter with $5000. I say, if it looks like it’s gonna win, unplug him. With the economy as bad as it is still, we can’t take any chances that some trivia bot with a desktop pattern that looks like sperm inseminating an egg is gonna take-our-jobs. (TV Squad)

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