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Transformers 2 Featurette Has No Transformers

Hey, guys! Want to watch a Nike commercial? No, wait, I mean a Walmart commercial….no, wait. It’s a Transformers 2 featurette! I know, that’s a super-cheesy start to a post, but I think it perfectly matches the tone of this "behind the scenes" clip that was released yesterday. If you like hearing Michael Bay sound like a jackass, then get ready to be thrilled.

I do have to wonder how much they paid him to take off his shoe and announce it to the whole crew as if they gave transforming fuck about his own special Nike sneaker. And who the hell are all these nobodies they’re interviewing? "Hey, old man with a camera! Want to be in our featurette?" And my last complaint is, that since there are no robots in any of these videos or clips that are being released, it doesn’t even matter that it’s from Transformers. It might as well be footage from Fast and Furious or the 7-11 parking lot on Saturday night when all of those Asian kids park their fancy space-ship cars there and eat taquitos.

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