Trailer For ‘Anonymous’ Has Inexplicable Violence

All that time spent studying the works of Shakespeare, completely wasted. Director Roland Emmerich is famous for his movies featuring mass destruction of major cities. Now he appears to be changing gears with Anonymous, a thriller about the notion that William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, and other poems were not actually written by Shakespeare. How Emmerich manages to work cannon fire (or should I say "canon fire"? Ho ho!) into this plot, I don't know, but I guess we'll find out more when the movie comes out. The song in the trailer is "Everything in its Right Place" off of Radiohead's Kid A, in case you're like me and have trouble differentiating between tracks on Kid A. Hey, have you heard my conspiracy theory that Radiohead didn't really write and record any of their songs? Check my blog for the real truth - and Mr. Emmerich, I think it could make a great movie.