Tommy Wiseau Is The Batman In Tommy Wiseau's 'Batman'

If only this could be a real thing. If only. If only Warner Bros would hand the keys to Batman over to Tommy Wiseau. I promise it would be worth it. They'd easily make their money back from midnight screenings over the span of many, many years.

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Tommy Wiseau Is Back With A Thing That He Is Calling A Sitcom

And his own underwear line. Despite the fact that it's been six years in the making and hasn't been picked up by anyone, Tommy Wiseau's The Neighbors is still promised to be coming soon. Much like diarrhea, we don't know where and we don't know when. The director-writer-producer-actor has surrounded himself with young people once again for the porn-grade "sitcom," and debuted this "INFO #1" video to answer any questions you may have. But not really. This only serves to confuse and I think it's also trying to sell me underwear. If your curiosity is piqued, Wiseau provides this synopsis: SYNOPSIS OF "THE NEIGHBORS" "THE NEIGHBORS" IS A SITCOM ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A GROUP OF NEIGHBORS WHO LIVE IN AN APARTMENT BUILDING. THE LEAD CHARACTER IS CHARLIE, THE MANAGER OF THE BUILDING. THE TENANTS ARE A DIVERSE GROUP OF PERSONALITIES; ALL OF DIFFERENT AGES AND BACKGROUNDS, CONSTANTLY BRINGING THEIR PROBLEMS TO CHARLIE AND HIS SECRETARY/GIRLFRIEND BEBE. THE CHARACTER OF PRINCESS PENELOPE CREATES A COMMOTION AFTER SHE WITNESSES THE GHOST OF HER UNCLE PRINCE CHARLES. IT IS A FRESH AND HUMOROUS LOOK AT HUMAN BEHAVIOR THROUGH DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. THIS COCKTAIL OF CHARACTERS ALWAYS GUARANTEE PLENTY OF SURPRISES. THE DEMOGRAPHIC IS ALL INCLUSIVE. PLOT: IN THE PILOT, MARIANA IS OBSESSED ABOUT BUGS IN HER APARTMENT. MONICA CATCHES HER BOYFRIEND DEN IN BED WITH PATRICK. PRINCESS PENELOPE ARRIVES AND DARREN SERENADES HER WITH ACCOMPANIMENT FROM OTHER TENANTS. RICHARD BECOMES PRINCESS PENELOPE'S BUTLER AND HANDYMAN. ED PREPARES A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR BEBE. Also, of note, the amazing new website that Wiseau has created for the show. Like Wiseau's films, there's not much there yet there's so much there. (AV Club)


Tommy Wiseau Has Unleashed More 'The Neighbors' Upon The World

This is probably the worst thing he's ever done. It's been nearly a month since Tommy Wiseau treated us to the weird underwear commercial/preview for his upcoming "sitcom" The Neighbors. We still haven't figured out what he was going for there and this latest preview is no help either. I think Tommy Wiseau might have modeled his character on Phil Spector dressed as Archie Andrews. I say this because of the hair and the abrupt swing to violence.


Take A Look At 'Gotham' Before The Batman

It's the Muppet Babies version of Batman How many times do we need to watch Bruce Wayne's parents get murdered? Lots more I guess, because now there's a series devoted to the immediate fallout of that event that focuses on the earlier days of Gotham City while its defenders and costumed crazies were still Muppet Babies. A Smallville for the Batman universe, if you will. Gotham is anchored by a young Jim Gordon, the rookie officer who actually gives a damn. He navigates corruption, gangland politics, and the small time crooks who will one day harness the destructive powers of penguins, flowers, and being really good at riddles. I'll stick with the Tommy Wiseau version.


Key & Peele Takittothu' Limit With New East-West Bowl Sketch

Wonm-Ore Tyme. With some kind of big football thing about to happen, Key and Peele have released another East-West Bowl player introduction clip. With the number of silly names and wigs being quickly depleted, the guys outsourced some of the work by casting actual college players with very ridiculous real names. Like Ishmaa'ily Kitchen and A. A. Ron Rodgers. Still, their own contributions are on point. World, meet Triple Parakeet-Shoes, J.R. Junior Juniors Jr., Strunk Flugget, and Swordless Mimetown. It's far time that Key and Peele start printing up trading cards.


Batman v Superman Trailer - Awesome or Awful? MOVIE FIGHTS!!

Did you love the new Batman v. Superman trailer or hate it? No worries, we'll argue about it for you!! Trisha Hershberger (Super Fan Builds), Hal Rudnick (Host of the Screen Junkies Show) and Jason Inman (Host of DC All Access) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 4/17: 0:05:07  FIGHT 1 - Batman V Superman trailer - Love it or hate it? 0:15:26  FIGHT 2 - Best moment from the Force Awakens trailer 0:26:09  FIGHT 3 - Best order to watch Star Wars in? 0:39:04  FIGHT 4 - New Ant-man trailer - Love it or hate it 0:48:37  FIGHT 5 - Are you worried about Wonder Woman? 0:57:44  FIGHT 6 - Terminator Genisys Trailer - Love it or hate? 1:07:36  FIGHT 7 - Best second movie in a trilogy 1:19:53  FIGHT 8 - Speed round Get Screen Junkies Gear!?? Download the audio version on iTunes! at our NEW RSS Feed ?? Vote Honest Trailers in the Webbys!??