Tom Hardy Vs. Joel Edgerton In ‘Warrior’. Place Your Bets.

I can't choose. They're both so damn likable. Tom Hardy's standout performance in Inception has made him one to watch. Even if that means watching the crap get beaten out of him. Hardy and Joel Edgerton star in Warrior, a mixed martial arts film that I dare say looks good. The two play estrange brothers competing for the same championship title, and both seem to be fighting for a good cause. Edgerton is fighting to save his family and home, while Hardy's war hero character is fighting for his country. But isn't the real enemy here the war itself? These guys should team up to pummel Dick Cheney. Seems like the only fair outcome.

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It would have been funnier if there were like, 15 Tom Hardys, but that's not what history has given us. The last time we checked in on Tom Hardy, he was in a post-apocalyptic desert, runnin' around and doin' stuff. Now he's back in 1960's London asa suave, celebrity gangster. Oh, and there are two of him now. In the upcoming Legend, Hardy plays noted gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray as they rise through London's underworld to success. Here's the first full length trailer: This one looks like it could stack up pretty well. Legends is written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who won an Oscar for his screenwriting on L.A. Confidential, so there's tons of promise there as well. Legends hits theaters October 2nd.


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Seriously. Get a stunt double. Be sure to check out this full trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol presented to us by an eery adult version of Haley Joel Osment. Looks like Tom Cruise is back in the having to clear his name game after he finds himself framed for blowing up The Kremlin. Since that would piss a lot of people off, he and his team have to go underground and complete their own mission without the aid of their murdered bosses. On account of they being murdered and whatnot. Jeremy Renner also stars as an agent that nobody is sure they can trust. It's been said that he's being groomed to take over the series from Cruise. He even does Tom Cruise's famous hover just inches above the floor move. The kid's got potential.


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