Tom Hanks Finally Gets The Rap Anthem That He Deserves

I'm in a league of my own, bitch, I'm Tom Hanks. My money long, that's the Green Mile My pockets ready to blow My weed extremely loud Your girl incredibly close Buckwheat Groats have both opened the door for Tom Hanks-themed hip-hop and effectively slammed it shut in the face of all competitors before dropping the mic which then smashed through the floor like the bathtub in The Money Pit.

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'Parkland' Trailer Confirms Tom Hanks Still Really Likes HIstory

Don't spoil the ending! You want see him in this clip, because he's JUST a producer, but with Parkland, Hanks gets his Americana fix by examining the reaching effects of the assassination of JFK on the people around the event. That means an ensemble cast that was salivating over the opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles by working with a post-Splash Hanks and deal with this seminal moment in our nation's history. Also, they're dressed like Mad Men.


'Cloud Atlas' Trailer Stars Hanks, Berry, & Also Hanks

'Multiplicity' technology has come a long way. The first trailer for the Tom Tykwer/Wachowski's collabo, Cloud Atlas, just dropped and the streets ain't ready. Check it. We're talking T.Hanx, Halle, Hugo Muthaf*(&in' Weaving, Big Hugh Grant, and Susan "Dat Ass" Sarandon holding it down as multiple roles in six seperate stories spanning thousands of years, that flow together seamlessly to reinforce the central theme of connectivity. Sheee-ittttttttttttttt. Based on the novel by David Mitchell.


Colin Hanks Is A Murderous Creep... In 'Lucky'

Colin Hanks has won the real lottery in addition to the genetic one. Colin Hanks has now won both the genetic lottery and the money one. As this trailer for Lucky shows Hanks plays a guy who wins the hand of the girl of his dreams after coming into serious dough. And, oh yeah, he's also a murderer who targets pretty, young, blonde women. Hey! Stop killing all the pretty, young, blonde women Colin Hanks!! We need those!!! Guess he's just practicing for Dexter-and-probably-be-killed-this-season/" target="_blank""Dexter." Poor Tom and Rita. One son prides himself a white rapper. The other is a murderer. It must be almost hard to choose a favorite.


Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Make Us All Nostalgic In ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer

Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts. It's time to party like it's 1987-1999. Did I just timewarp back to 1995, or is this a brand new romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Alas, time travel isn't real, and so it's sadly just a regular ol' brand new romcom from this very year, 2o11. Larry Crowne, about a happy go lucky (read: seemingly a little dumb?) man, played by Hanks, who's fired from his job for lacking a college degree. Who should turn out to be his junior college speech professor but the queen of big smiles and winning laughs herself, J. Robz? Also, he rides a scooter and acts excited. It looks... well it looks like exactly what I just described. Larry Crowne is directed by Hanks and will invade theaters and your hearts July 1st.


Tom Hanks Battles Pirates In The Not Very Swashbuckling 'Captain Phillips' Trailer

I didn't see a single eye patch. These Somali pirates were wise not to attack Russell Crowe, instead they set they're sights on Hollywood nice guy Tom Hanks. Here he plays the titular Captain Phillips, a man already ill-fated enough to have to spend all of his time on some dumbass boat whose situation goes from bad to worse when pirates board his vessel and try to take over. We can all agree that's not cool. I bet they didn't even go to captain school.


Check Out The First Clip Of Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts In ‘Larry Crowne’

And Jimmy Kimmel is indirectly involved, too. Ah, movie stars. When you or I spend a month or two goofing off, it's vacation. When they do it, it's a summer tent pole with millions of dollars invested and millions more to be spent in marketing and promotion. So it is with Larry Crowne, what looks to be a delightful frolic starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, both of whom I've always preferred in comedies over heavy drama (this goes for Hanks especially). Anyway, you can watch the clip here, from Hanks' appearance last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The clip from the movie comes in at around one minute into the video. (via The Playlist)


'Bridge Of Spies' Trailer: Hollywood Sweethearts Spielberg And Hanks Reunite

With a little help from The Coen Brothers. To make sure that their latest collabo is watchable, The Terminal buddies Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have wisely brought in the Coen Brothers to help script Bridge of Spies. Hanks stars as an attorney recruited by the U.S. government to negotiate the exchange of captured spies with Russia during the Cold War. That's already more intriguing than watching Hanks bathe in a sink and loiter at Hudson News.


'Insidious, Chapter 2' Trailer: More Cost-Effective Scares

More haunted, non CGI hijinx. When the first Insidious ended with a horrible, violent murder, we all knew that there was more trouble in store for America's Most Haunted. The characters in the film somehow didn't get that memo though, as the trailer for Insidious, Chapter 2 finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprised when an ass ton of ghosts descend on their grandma's house in order to slam doors and dick around with the baby monitor. It's more cost-effective scares as more haunted happenings return us to The Further in this micro-budget sequel. I'm psyched but it's not a good sign when you want to slap the characters based off the trailer. Rose Byrne (panicked): It's still happening! Patrick Wilson: What is? Rose Byrne: My yeast infection. Patrick Wilson: .... Rose Byrne: Ghosts, dummy!