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Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Make Us All Nostalgic In ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer

Did I just timewarp back to 1995, or is this a brand new romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Alas, time travel isn’t real, and so it’s sadly just a regular ol’ brand new romcom from this very year, 2o11. Larry Crowne, about a happy go lucky (read: seemingly a little dumb?) man, played by Hanks, who’s fired from his job for lacking a college degree. Who should turn out to be his junior college speech professor but the queen of big smiles and winning laughs herself, J. Robz? Also, he rides a scooter and acts excited. It looks… well it looks like exactly what I just described. Larry Crowne is directed by Hanks and will invade theaters and your hearts July 1st.

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