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Tom Cruise Loooves Holding Women Hostage in New ‘Knight & Day’ Trailer

The new trailer for Knight & Day gives us a better look at Tom Cruise going batcrap crazy and kidnapping Cameron Diaz. In the trailer, he’s described as being mentally unstable, violent and dangerous, and having suffered a full-blow break with reality. Yet, Cameron Diaz still eats up the attention. That’s such a crock. Whenever I like a girl and cling to her windshield as she speeds down the expessway, the authorities are brought in and my parent’s have to move again. But Johnny Handsome here does the same thing and it’s considered a meet cute. Maybe my standards are out of whack. I should pursue someone closer to my own age. Like Katherine Heigl.

Watch Cruise save Cameron from the forces of Peter Sarsgaard after the jump.

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