TLC Takes Spectacle Television To New Heights With 'All-American Muslim'

They opted out of the working title 'Look At These Weird Muslims!' TLC, realizing that they've already done midgets, polygamists, and families that breed like rabbits, have decided to branch out with a show that lets middle America know that there are at least five Muslim families that aren't currently plotting to blow up our monuments, hospitals, and schools. All-American Muslim follows five Muslim families that reside in Dearborn, Michigan, a town with the highest density of Muslims in the United States. In an interview with AOLTV (why, AOLTV?), two of the families shed some light on what the series is and isn't about. Hint: They won't be up to Jersey Shore-like antics, which is a shame, because that's probably the only circumstance under which I would watch this show. Assuming this show accomplishes its goal and depicts the five families as normal, well-adjusted Americans (which I'm sure they are), why the hell would anyone watch it? The only way this would serve as any sort of entertainment is if the subjects were doing very strange things (and by "strange," I don't mean praying to Mecca or practicing Islam). It sounds like a Muslim The Osbournes. Hmmm. Maybe I will watch it. Also, don't be alarmed or unsettled for the U.S. Army recruiting ad that is placed before this video. I'm sure that's....just a coincidence. Geez, TLC, you're really firing on all cylinders here, aren't you?